Project Grants

How to Apply

  1. Read the guidelines and criteria and make sure you and your request meet the criteria for support.
  2. Watch the tutorial on how to fill out a grant application. This is an important step - the tutorial will answer commonly asked questions about the proposal form, and will explain how to answer each section.
  3. There are several types of projects that are commonly funded: editathons, contests, trainings, workshops, GLAM, WLM, research, software development, etc. If your project includes one or more of these, go read these specific guidelines to help improve your project.
  4. Create your application by typing a name for your page in the format of YourName/Project name in the input box below. You can use your real name or your username. If you are applying as a WMF Affiliate, please enter your affiliate abbreviation. For example, "WM ZA/Wiki From Above" or "UG EG/Wiki Loves Monuments 2016". See here for all affiliate abbreviations.
  5. Follow the instructions that appear when you create the application.

Start your application!

(Prefer to create your proposal the old-fashioned way? Use the box below to get started):

Next Steps

  1. Eligibility: WMF grantmaking staff review proposals as they're submitted to ensure they meet the eligibility criteria. Those that do not meet the criteria are returned to draft status and applicants are notified. Those that are determined eligible are marked for committee review.
  2. Community discussion: The Wikimedia community is invited to endorse proposals or discuss any concerns they have on proposal talk pages. As soon as you draft your proposal, you should notify areas of the community (via village pump, mailing list, talk page, or other project-appropriate venues) that are most likely to be impacted or involved in your project. Community support is a factor in review, so please post a link to the notification and any relevant discussions in the section provided on your proposal, and encourage community members to post feedback on your proposal page.
  3. Committee review: The Project Grants committee reviews proposals by scoring and providing feedback, and then recommends a shortlist of proposals for WMF to fund.
  4. Selections finalized: WMF staff complete due diligence on the committee's recommended shortlist of proposals and finalize the selection of grantees. If necessary, this step may include an interview of the applicant with a Program Officer. If your proposal is selected, you'll be notified and asked to submit verifying documentation (legal name, address, etc) to WMF for final approval.
  5. Grantees announced: All applicants are notified of results on proposal talk pages. If your proposal approved for a grant, the WMF will contact you with a grant agreement, disbursement setup, and other details. Grantees are announced via mailing lists, social media, and the Wikimedia blog.
  6. Project reporting: All grantees submit a final project report on-wiki. Some grantees may be asked to submit brief monthly updates and/or a midpoint report.