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Understanding the Motivation to Contribute to Wikipedia
start and end datesJuly 2023 - July 2024
budget (USD)50000 USD
fiscal year2022-23
applicant(s)• Quy Lam

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Quy Lam

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UC Merced


Quy Lam

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Understanding the Motivation to Contribute to Wikipedia

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Understanding individual’s motivation to write to Wikipedia is particularly important in building a better Wikipedia community. Although it’s a free open source, only a small percent of Wikipedia users writes contents in Wikipedia. To improve this platform, it is crucial to encourage people with the knowledge to write for Wikipedia. Therefore, understanding people’s preferences regarding writing for Wikipedia and the factors people think are important in making the writing decision is essential when developing a strategy to encourage more contributors.

Aim & Objectives

This study aim is to understand motivation to contribute to Wikipedia and preferences of people.

The objective is to elicit the preferences of people when considering writing for Wikipedia in different incentive channels.


Our study will use discrete choice estimation (DCE) survey methodology to examine the factors people value most in the making decision to write for Wikipedia. Discrete choice experiments (DCE) are commonly used in economics to identify the strength of preferences underlying decision making, especially for those decisions where little data is available to identify the decision makers revealed preference. Rather than using rating or ranking scales to measure preferences, DCE questions ask people to weigh-up different characteristics (attributes) and choose between hypothetical options (choice sets). DCE’s have been used previously to examine preferences toward monetary, fame/recognition, authorship incentives. The results from the DCE will inform us on the relative importance of each aspect of incentives people value most. Specifically, the results from the DCE can be used to explore participant’s preferences over different incentives.

Our study will use a quantitative DCE survey methodology. SAS JMP will be used to construct a matrix of 10 versions of 16 choice set designs


Participants will be individual from English speaking countries and countries in Asia. We believe that individual from Asia should be different than individual from Western and European countries in making decision to write to Wikipedia. They not only have different cultures but also more likely do not write in English.

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50000 USD

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This project will help us better understanding individual's decision to write to Wikipedia. What factors will have strong impacts on the decision to write. This information can help us to develop strategies to encourage more people to write. Having more content contributors is essential in building a bigger and better knowledge sharing platform.

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