Grants:Programs/Wikimedia Research Fund/Involvement of Librarians on Wikimedia Projects and Local Language Translation in Africa: Motivations, Limitations and the way forward

statusnot funded
Involvement of Librarians on Wikimedia Projects and Local Language Translation in Africa: Motivations, Limitations and the way forward
start and end datesJuly 2023 - July 2024
budget (USD)Budget range: 40,000 - 50,000 Estimated Budget: 41,300 USD
fiscal year2022-23
applicant(s)• Adaora C. Obuezie, Kingsley Abasili, Goodness Ignatius, Hope Chikoadi and Stephen C. Chioke



Adaora C. Obuezie, Kingsley Abasili, Goodness Ignatius, Hope Chikoadi and Stephen C. Chioke

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Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, Anambra State; Ig Wiki Librarians Hub


Adaora C. Obuezie, Kingsley Abasili, Goodness Ignatius, Hope Chikoadi and Stephen C. Chioke

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"Adaora1 Obuezie1: User:Obuezie1; Kingsley2 Abasili2: User:Kingsley Nkem2; Goodness3 Ignatius3: User:Olugold3; Hope4 Chikaodi4: User:PassionateLibrarian4"

Project title

Involvement of Librarians on Wikimedia Projects and Local Language Translation in Africa: Motivations, Limitations and the way forward

Research proposalEdit


Description of the proposed project, including aims and approach. Be sure to clearly state the problem, why it is important, why previous approaches (if any) have been insufficient, and your methods to address it.

Broadly, this study encompasses the members of the African community & all librarians within the community. This research intends to study Nigeria as an example, Wikidata & Wikipedia as Wikimedia projects. The Librarians provide information to its numerous clientele, organizing & making it easily accessible. It is very important to have librarians in the Wikimedia Community in Africa to bridge content gaps; contribute peculiar library data on Africa from Open source libraries as observed during LD4 Affinity Group working hours. These librarians have access to library data and with permission from the library management, these datasets can be uploaded on Wikidata or Wikicommons. Over the years, Librarians have contributed to 1Lib1Ref, with the expertise of librarians in the area of sourcing statements, the 1Lib1Ref has recorded great results. In this regard, creating more awareness & involving librarians in the broader African community will yield greater output. Limited evidence is provided, therefore, this research is geared towards finding out how Librarians engage with Wikimedia projects in the African Wikimedians community. Other objectives include:

  • To ascertain how Librarians upload dataset to Wikimedia projects
  • To find out the level of awareness on knowledge of batch uploading tools like OpenRefine, QuickStatements, etc
  • To find out reasons some librarians do not contribute to Wikimedia projects
  • To find out the level of awareness of librarians on Wikimedia library campaigns, groups, activities & events.

Survey research design will be adopted for this research where observational checklist, Interview and questionnaire will be used for data collection . The population of the study will consist of all African Librarians with Nigeria as an example. Total enumeration sampling method will be used to include all aforementioned. Opinions of African Wikimedians community & the African Library community will be collected through interview while data would be collected from Librarians who are multilingual & have contributed in local language translation on Wikipedia & Wikidata amongst others. Data will also be collected via the contribution statistics on Wikipedia & Wikidata among other Wikimedia Projects. Data collected will be analyzed using descriptive statistics and Inferential Statistics. After analysis, conclusions would be drawn & recommendations would be made based on the findings of the research.


  • 2 PhD students/researchers and 1 volunteer


Approximate amount requested in USD.

Budget range: 40,000 - 50,000 Estimated Budget: 41,300 USD

Budget Description

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Salary/Stipend - 20,000 USD (Author: 400 USD monthly, 4 research assistants: 250 USD monthly, 2 PhD researchers: 105 USD monthly, volunteer:55 USD Monthly)

Editing software: Grammarly premium/Overleaf Collaborator, Internet connection and Solid State Drive (SSD) - 13,000

Conducting data analysis - 3000 USD

Open access publishing cost (2 local and 2 international Journals) - 3800 USD

Miscellaneous/others - 1500 USD


Address the impact and relevance to the Wikimedia projects, including the degree to which the research will address the 2030 Wikimedia Strategic Direction and/or support the work of Wikimedia user groups, affiliates, and developer communities. If your work relates to knowledge gaps, please directly relate it to the knowledge gaps taxonomy.

This research will also seek ways to encourage Librarians for more engagement with Wikimedia projects. The findings will be relevant to librarians, African Community and the Wikimedia movement. This research will seek ways to bridge the content & contributions gaps. Some of the Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy recommendations this research will address is to Improve User Experience and Innovate in Free Knowledge to give room for more content on or about Africa on Wikimedia projects and to stay relevant in this era of open source content and global change. Some of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals this research is in accordance with is to Reduce Inequalities and Sustainable cities and communities.


Plans for dissemination.

We plan to publish our research results in Open access scholarly journals.

We also intend to present our results on Wikimedia conferences (such as, Wikimania, WikiIndaba) and Library/Librarian conferences such as NLA, AfLIA, and IFLA among others.

We will also publish on Wikimedia Diff and Mailing lists

The dataset will be provided on Zenodo under free licenses

Source codes for analysis will be uploaded to GitHub under free licenses

Past ContributionsEdit

Prior contributions to related academic and/or research projects and/or the Wikimedia and free culture communities. If you do not have prior experience, please explain your planned contributions.

Adaora Obuezieis a Researcher & Lecturer, the coordinator,NAU Academia Wiki Fan Club. A member of LD4 Wikidata Affinity Group, Wikimedia and Libraries User group,etc. Some Wiki presentations are:

A Booktalk - Wikipedia and Academic Libraries: A Global Project,

Misconceptions on Wikipedia Resources in Academic Research Writing Among Academia in Nigeria:LIS Educators Perspective,

Curious, Anxious, Bitter-Sweet Feelings: My Experiences as a Wikimedia Editor

and Academic Libraries: A Global Project/Chapter 8(Wikisource)


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