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Funding for Wikimania 2023 satellite events

Wikimedia Affiliates can schedule and fund Wikimania 2023 satellite events through their General Support Fund. This year, the Community Resources team will not be able to support Wikimania satellite events through Rapid Fund, Conference Fund, or separate Wikimania grants.

Email by ESEAP Wikimania 2023 Core Organizing Team edit

Dear Wikimedia Affiliates,

In response to some questions we have been receiving about Wikimania satellite events, I am emailing you on behalf of the 2023 Core Organizing Team with details.

Satellite events for Wikimania 2023 can be scheduled and funded as part of the affiliate General Support Fund (GSF). Wikimedia Affiliates may use funds obtained through the Wikimedia Foundation General Support Fund to run a satellite event, even if a satellite event was not initially included in your GSF proposal. As per your General Support Fund agreement, you have the ability to move funds around your budget as needed–the Foundation only requests that Program Officers be informed if that variance is more than 20% from the original proposal.

Those who have yet to submit their General Support Fund request for this year may scope in a Wikimania satellite event. Please keep in mind that overall budget constraints will better support less resource-intensive events like one-day local meetups and watch parties.

The Core Organizing Team will work to coordinate technical support for groups wanting to livestream into Wikimania.

The Core Organizing Team wants to encourage all affiliates interested in hosting a satellite event to list their event details on the Wikimania Wiki. This will help you coordinate amongst yourselves (where it is possible to host joint events or activities), sync with the Core Organizing Team where support is needed, and better promote what you will be doing.

Please refer to the Wikimania Wiki for more details and to add your event. You can email us at wikimania with any questions or leave a message on the talk page.


Butch Bustria

On behalf of the ESEAP Wikimania 2023 Core Organizing Team