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Who we fundEdit

The Wikimedia Alliances Fund supports mission-aligned organizations, which work in regions and communities that are underrepresented in our movement, and can partner with the Wikimedia Movement to amplify each other's work.

The Wikimedia Alliances Fund supports organizations that can contribute toward the strategic direction of the Wikimedia Movement, especially those that promote knowledge equity. We emphasize the need for underrepresented communities and historically marginalized communities in the movement to have access to resources they need to accomplish their goals. Programs from mission-aligned organizations and groups can focus on supporting contributors, editors, content, awareness, skill-building initiatives, advocacy efforts, strategic planning and developing stable partnerships with local Wikimedia communities and Wikimedia projects.



Types of fundingEdit

  • Rapid funds for activities that are time bound and have a clear collaboration with the local Wikimedia communities. Eg: edit-a-thons, hack-a-thons, meet-ups, celebrations, campaigns.
  • Programmatic support can be towards furthering ongoing activities, programs, initiatives. It can also be used to ideate, incubate or build new systems of collaboration with the free knowledge ecosystem. Overhead expenses of up to 30% will be allowed to support the stability of partner organizations.

Review of applications and decisionEdit

  • Applications submitted by the organisations will be reviewed and approved by the Regional Grants Committees. See application guide.
  • Regional Grants Committee members will receive support from the Regional and Alliance Fund Program Officers. Program proposals will be awarded for one year. Grantees can renew their funding if they fulfill their objectives and upon recommendation of the Regional Grants Committees.

Application forms and guides for Programmatic SupportEdit

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Support GivenEdit

  • This is a new funding category and our goal is to ensure applicants have the support needed to be successful.
  • Before applying to the Alliances Fund potential applicants are required to email the Alliances Fund Program officer (alliances_fund to ensure alignment and fit for the new fund. Applicants will then be given the opportunity to have 2 hours of proposal development support.
  • Once the application is submitted it will go into the review and deliberation process of the regional committee.

Timeline and BudgetEdit

This fiscal year, there will be two application rounds.

Round 1: November – December 2021Edit

  • Upper limit of the fund per proposal: 100,000 USD
Activity Dates for first regions round 1* Estimated time
Program Officer working with grantees to prepare their application November 1-15, 2021 15 days
Applicants working on final submission of application November 15-30 15 days
Final Submission Deadline November 30
Committee / Staff Reviews December 1-15 15 days
Applicants Engaging with Committee Feedback December 22-26 5 days
Proposal adjustment if needed December 26-30 5 days
Final review and decision January 1-6 5 days
Total 60 days

Proposed applicationsEdit

Round 2: April – May 2022Edit

  • Upper limit of the fund per proposal - 100,000 USD

Conversation hoursEdit

Important detailsEdit

Eligibility checkEdit

All organizations should be compliant with Wikimedia Foundation’s requirements for funding. An eligibility check will be conducted before the review process. This step will be coordinated by the Program Officer (PO) for The Wikimedia Alliances Fund, with support from the Grants Admin team and regional POs if necessary.


Funded organisations will be provided a template to complete the following:

  • A one page structured update per quarter of their work and progress.
  • A midpoint report indicating learning from their implementation to date, any necessary adjustments based on this, an update on metrics and financial expenses.
  • A final report annually indicating the main learning, metrics and financial details. This report shall be approved by the Alliances Fund PO.


  • Within the new learning and evaluation framework, we are focusing on developing metrics, both qualitative and quantitative, that make sense to each fund recipient based on: their theory of change - how they expect to bring about change with their work, what they need to ask to see if this change has been achieved and what data they need to collect to answer these questions.
  • In this sense, we will be working as partners with applicants so that they can think through this process to define what is desirable and possible to measure, what are the available tools, how this data will be analyzed and used to learn and share with relevant stakeholders.


In the new learning and evaluation framework, we emphasize collecting data that will be used for analyzing and learning together, not just collected data per se. We will establish spaces for data analysis as thought partners, for instance through conversations between program officers and grantees, as well as continuous peer-to-peer learning spaces between grantees. This allows for more general reflections on impactful strategies and learning across all grantees.

Additional informationEdit

It is recommended that organisations applying for the Wikimedia Alliances Fund would have a local wiki community advisor who can support in the development and implementation of the proposal.

The Wikimedia Alliances Fund Program Officer would offer the following support to applicants during the proposal development process:

  • Provide background and context overview of local Wikimedia communities
  • Drafting and revision of application
  • Support in using Wiki platforms i.e. meta, mailing lists for (reporting and documentation)
  • Introductions to possible community contacts for collaboration



How is the Wikimedia Alliances Fund different from the Knowledge Equity Fund?
  • The Wikimedia Alliances Fund hopes to build capacities across the larger free knowledge movement, which would have a positive effect on the development of the Wikimedia projects and communities as well. Programs from mission-aligned organizations and groups can focus on supporting contributors, editors, content, awareness, skill-building initiatives, advocacy efforts, while developing stable partnerships with local Wikimedia communities and Wikimedia projects.
  • The Knowledge Equity Fund provides grants to external organizations that support knowledge equity by addressing the racial inequities preventing access and participation in free knowledge. As the scope of the work of the five major themes is broad, there is no expectation or requirement for them to work directly on wiki projects or with the community.
How many proposals will be funded at any one time? Especially during the first year?
As this is a new program, we do not have a set target of proposals to support. We have an initial budget of 700,000 USD, which will be assessed after the first round of proposals. This is approximately 6% of the overall Wikimedia Foundation Fund budget.
Which organizations can apply for the Wikimedia Alliance Fund program?
Organizations that have missions that are aligned with the Wikimedia movement, in an underrepresented/emerging community that have a proposal to collaborate directly with the Wikimedia Community and/or Wikimedia projects.
Will for-profit organizations be eligible for funding?
We are focused on working with non-profit organizations. However, we understand that some mission led organizations have adopted different organizational structures, and we want to ensure we have an opportunity to assess the fit of their proposals for impact. Please be in contact with the Wikimedia Alliances PO if you have a different status.
Which program proposals  will the Wikimedia Alliance Fund prioritize?
Any idea/initiative that has a clear impact and is aligned with the mission of the Wikimedia movement. We will prioritize efforts that support development of the Free Knowledge Ecosystem and Knowledge Equity focused on underrepresented communities.
Can an organization apply for multiple Wikimedia Alliances Funds?
Organizations who have one Wikimedia Alliance Fund will not be eligible to apply again in the same year and must have their final report approved before another application is considered.
How can an organization appeal against Regional Committees', or Program Officer's decision?
At this time we do not foresee an appeals process for Wikimedia Alliances Fund.
Who will make the final decision on the funding requests?
The Grants Committee of the region (where the applicant organisation is based) will make the final decision on the funding request.
Can a Wikimedia Affiliate or group apply for the Wikimedia Alliances?
We hope that a Wikimedia affiliate or group will partner with Aligned organizations in the proposal, however the Fund recipient would be the partner organization. Wikimedians should apply for funding through the Community Fund.
How do I find Wikimedia affiliates or other potential partner organisations in my region to submit a proposal with?
We recommend that you reach out to your local WIkimedia affiliate if applicable and/or reach out the Alliances Program Officer alliances_fund
How do I learn about support for the metrics and reporting
Conversation hours by the Learning and Evaluation Program Officer are announced on the Knowledge and Sharing meta page.
What languages can the application be submitted in?
Applications can be submitted in any language
I am not sure if the WMF can give grants to my country. How do I find out, and what can be done if it might not be possible?
As a USA 501c3, we have certain restrictions around funding. Here is the current list of countries and their funding status. Please do reach out to the Wikimedia Alliances PO if you have a question about your country, and we can discuss the possibilities of funding.