Here are a few guidelines around receiving payments of your grant.

Bank account requirementsEdit

  • All groups receiving grants will need to set up a joint bank account used only by their group or used only for their project. At least two individuals selected by your group will need access to the account, and will also sign the grant agreement. Individuals receiving grants are encouraged to set up a bank account to be used only for their project when that is a reasonable option for them. An exception can be made for groups or individuals who wish to receive their grants as reimbursements.
  • Payments for reimbursements will not be processed until a complete final report is submitted according to the reporting guidelines for your program and accepted by WMF, until a final expense report including receipts is received by WMF, and until all of the usual steps to process a grant are completed, including the signing of a grant agreement.
  • Your grant agreement may ask that funds are kept in a dedicated account. This means that funds are kept in an account that is used only for your group's or organization's activities.
  • Your grant agreement may ask that funds are kept in a single account. This means you should receive the funds in one account, and also keep them in the same account until you use them for approved purposes. If you have a good reason not to do this, you should contact the grants administrator for permission before receiving the funds.

Timing of the paymentEdit

  • The timing of the payment often depends on how quickly you are able to respond to requests for information or requests for a signed grant agreement. WMF processes many grants each week and processing each grant requires several teams to coordinate.
  • WMF may set a schedule with each grantee for paying the grant. Some grants will be paid in full immediately, and others will be paid in several installments. For more information about installments please visit Grants:Installments.
  • It takes about 30 days from the time both you and WMF sign a grant agreement to receive your first payment, although delays may occur in some cases. The shortest time from approval of a grant to actually receiving funds might be
  • All grants over US$50,000.00 require additional processing time after you send us a signed grant agreement. This is because we need to go through a more intense process to approve and pay large grants, and because it involves many teams of people working together. We thank you for your patience during this process, and generally expect that grantees will provide adequate time to allow a large grant to be processed.

Bank informationEdit

  • Check your bank information carefully to make sure there are no errors and that you are able to receive an international wire transfer in your account. If you have questions about any of the information requested by WMF, please contact your bank right away.
  • If you are receiving grant funds, make sure that you also have a way to return any unused grant funds to WMF once your project is complete.
  • We may send grant funds by check within the US and by wire transfer outside the US. In special cases, alternative payment methods may be considered.
  • Whenever possible, we try to send funds in the grantee's local currency if it is requested. This is not possible in every case. If your preferred currency is not available, we will send an equivalent amount is US dollars to you. If you have special concerns around exchange rates, please let us know at the time you receive the Request for information.
  • You may be reimbursed for bank fees if you inform the grants administrator of the amount of fees at the time you receive the Request for information, and if you are able to provide documents showing why you were charged and how much you were charged at the time of reporting.
  • Some banks may take several days to several weeks to release funds from an international wire or may charge fees to receive the wire. WMF's bank releases funds immediately and does not charge you or your bank fees to send the wire. Unfortunately, WMF cannot speed up the process of your bank releasing funds or prevent them from charging fees. It is a good idea to check with your bank in advance in order to be prepared for delays or potential fees.
  • If you do not receive your payment by the date the grants administrator sends you, you should contact your bank to request information about the payment. You should also contact the grants administrator, who can send you details about the payment to share with your bank.
  • Once you receive your payment, you should always contact the grants administrator at grantsadmin at wikimedia dot org to confirm receipt.