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WM ZA/WMZA Funding Jun 2015 to Dec 2015
This application aims to support the continuous employment of a full time Administrator for the remainder of 2015, as well as project related expenses and administrative costs to be incurred by the Chapter for this period.
targetTo support Wikimedia ZA as a Chapter and all language communities in SA
strategic priorityIncreasing Reach, Increasing Participation, Improving Quality
start date1 July
start year2015
end date31 December
end year2015
budget (local currency)ZAR 260,034.00
budget (USD)USD 21,240.33
grant typeOrganisation
non-profit statusYES
contact(s)• douglas.i.scott(_AT_)
organization• Wikimedia South Africa



  • Afrikaans Writing competition
    • Increases awareness of Wikimedia South Africa and the Wikimedia Foundation amongst the general public and Afrikaans speakers in particular.
    • Directly increase the number of new editors to Afrikaans language Wikipedia by incentivising Afrikaans speakers to learn about and engage in the writing of Wikipedia articles.
    • Increases the number and quality of Afrikaans language Wikipedia articles.

Plan & ActivitiesEdit

Small Language ActivitiesEdit

  • Daily communication with Afrikaans community on talk page
  • Afrikaans Writing Competition
  • Afrikaans Wikipedia community on Facebook
  • Africa community facilitator
  • Chapter outreach

Content GenerationEdit
Wiki Loves Afrikaans-2015: Global MetricsEdit

The following are global metric goals for this project

Wiki Loves Afrikaans-2015 Metrics Planning table (Global metrics 2014–15)
Metric description Goal Notes Metric description Goal Notes
1. Number of active editors involved 6 [1] 4. Number of new images/media 0 [2]
2. Number of newly registered users 20 [3] 5. Number of articles added 20 [4]
3. Number of individuals involved 30 [5] 6. Number of bytes added 0 [6]
  1. This will be 6 active users on the Afrikaans Wikipedia.
  2. We don't foresee the addition of any media through the writing contest.
  3. We hope to introduce a minimum of 20 new users to Wikipedia
  4. As this is the first time that we are introducing the competition, we are unclear as to response it will receive. We anticipate an contribution of 20 articles
  5. We expect participation of over 80 participants, but as we have not launched such a competition before, we are unclear about the number so will put an estimation here of 30
  6. We are unclear of the value of contributions at this stage



Target readershipEdit

All the editing communities in South Africa will benefit from the continuation of this position. We further believe that, as the only Chapter in Africa, we are in an ideal position to reach out to and coordinate existing and new user groups throughout Africa.

Fit with strategyEdit

This position increases the capacity of the Chapter for outreach and facilitation.

Increasing reachEdit

The continuation of this position will ensure the visibility of WM ZA within the SA community and will also ensure that activities throughout Africa increase and are supported.


The continuation of this position will further increase the visibility of the Chapter. In the time that the Administrator has joined the Chapter, we have already seen an increased number of participants through various outreach initiatives.


We believe that for the first time, WMZA is in a position to reach out to the broader wiki-community in South Africa. This is the first step in ensuring that a greater number of articles / edits / contributions are made to Wikimedia. As the only Chapter in Africa, we are also in an ideal position to facilitate the creation of African specific content on various Wikimedia projects.


As a Chapter we have come a long way in establishing credibility of the Chapter. Not only in South Africa among local editors / contributors, but also across various Chapters and communities in Africa.

It is interesting to note here that only 31% of the editing community had knowledge of the existence of the Chapter.

Measures of successEdit

Addressing the needs of the Wiki-community in South AfricaEdit

An infographic expanding on some of the findings from the 2015 online survey of South African Wikipedians.
An infographic summarizing key statistics about the status of Afrikaans Wikipedia in 2015. A copy of this info graphic was displayed at Wikimania 2015.

WM ZA has just completed an online evaluation survey in the South Africa context (the first) to reach out to the community as a large. As of the 24 July 2015 a total of 412 survey's were started with 316 of them being completed. Wikimedia ZA feels that this is a very large and representative sample of the editing community in South Africa.

In the preliminary findings of this report, the following are noted:

  • The overwelming majority of respondents were male (85%)
  • Respondents were of all ages with the largest cohort (medium average) being between 31-35 years old (17%) and the smallest cohort being bewtween the ages of 10-15 years old (1%)
  • Most respondents were based in either Gauteng Province (43%) or the Western Cape (33%) indicating that in South Africa there are two 'hotspots' where editing takes place.
  • About a third (34%) of editors were relatively new having only signed up for a Wikimedia account within the past few months.
  • 81% of respondents were active on Wikipedia.
  • 47% of respondents were employed, 23% reported being self-employed, and 20% reported being students.
  • 62% of respondents reported editing Wikipedia "less than once a month" indicating that the majoritory of editors edit on a causial basis. The remaining 38% of editors reported editing more frequently.
  • 75% of respondents reported being "very interested" in technology.
  • 60% of respondents stated that they would like to be included on the Wikimedia ZA mailing list to learn more about WM ZA projects.

Resources and risksEdit


==== Afrikaans Writing Competition ====

Budget SummariesEdit

Total project budget
ZAR 345,534.00 or $28,224.13 rounded total as calculated to be R12.2425/1USD on 03/06/2015 using latest exchange rate
Total amount requested
ZAR 345,534.00 or $28,224.13 rounded total as calculated to be R12.2425/1USD on 03/06/2015 using latest exchange rate
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Yes - These are project support contributions from partners (see below)

Non-financial requirementsEdit





Community notificationEdit


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