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This project is part of our Annual Plan. We put it as a separate grant, because we believe that decision will be faster then for Annual.
Legal name of chapter or nonchapter group
Wikimedia Serbia
Grant contact name
Filip Maljković
Grant contact username or email
Grant contact title (position)
Board member
Project lead name
Tamara Petrović
Project lead username or email
Project lead title (position), if any
Co-organizer and project leader
Full project name
Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 – Serbia
Amount requested (in USD)
$2,793.47 (€2,254.38)
Provisional target start date
September 1, 2012
Provisional completion date
November 1, 2012

Budget breakdown


Website: 46,000 din (€403.50)

Domain: 3,000 din (€26.31)
Hosting: 6,000 din (€52.63)
Website design: 20,000 din (€175.43) [in-kind by WMRS]
Technical support: 20,000 din (€175.43) [in-kind by WMRS]

Prizes: 75,000 din (€657.89)

I prize would probably be some technical gadget: 35,000.00 din. (€307.01)
II prize would probably be some technical gadget: 25,000.00 din. (€219.30)
III prize would probably be some technical gadget: 15,000.00 din. (€131.58)

T-shirts: 20,000 din (€175.43)

20 T-shirts × 1,000 din = 20,000 din (€175.43)

Design and printing of promotional materials: 65,000 din (€570.17)

Event: 80,000 din (€701.75)

press conferences, prize-giving event and mini-exhibition

Other: 11,400 din (€100)

Total: 297,400 din (€2,608.77)

The proposed funding source:

WMRS 40,000 din (€350.87)
WMF 257,000 din or (€2,254.38)

Project goal


The Republic of Serbia is a country with long cultural and historical heritage, which is, however, represented in Wikimedia projects with a low number of free-licence photographs. Due to this, Wikimedia Serbia made efforts this year to hold the first "Wiki Loves Monuments" contest as a part of the global WLM project. This project will be promoted during September all around Serbia, when photographs will be collected and published under the CC-BY-SA 3.0 licence.

The project will draw attention to photography lovers and inspire them to take part in the competition and thereby enhance and enrich Wikimedia projects with a diversity of free-license photographs. Photographing the monuments will help to create a considerable and unique database of free-license content of Serbia's cultural heritage. Accomplishment of these goals will be the key to building a solid foundation for the subsequent WLM contests.

On a global scale, "WLM – Serbia" will contribute to the enhancement of the multimedia content in Wikimedia Commons, thereby expanding the global WLM contest.

Project scope and list of activities


“Wiki Loves Monuments – Serbia” is a public photo competition which will be held during the month of September 2012, and is a part of the global “Wiki Loves Monuments” project. Participants will take photos of the listed monuments and heritage sites in Serbia, and will upload them to Wikimedia Commons under free licencing.

The jury will consist of three professionals and two Wikipedians, of which one will be active on the WLM project. Cryteria of the photograph ranking will be:

  • the technical excellence of the photograph;
  • the originality of the setting; and
  • the encyclopedic value for the Wikipedias.

The selection of the winning photographs will be held at the end of October, when the finalists will be announced.

The event for awarding the prizes will be held in November during the first in the series of travelling exibitions throughout Serbia.

Non-financial requirements


Not for now.

Fit to strategy


"Wiki Loves Monuments – Serbia" will increase the currently low number of free-licence photographs of Serbian monuments on Commons. Using these photographs in Wikimedia projects, and especially on Wikipedias, will enrich articles.

This project will draw attention to a significant amount of people new to Wikipedia, who we hope will become new users of Wikipedia after taking part in the contest. It is an excellent way to increase the number of active users (who contribute to Wikipedia by writing articles), as well as passive users (who read the articles), which is likely to extend the Serbian Wiki community and thereby, the projects in Serbian.

In consideration of the significance of the WLM project, we strongly believe that it will be covered by media, and thereby, positive information and actions we take towards accomplishing the Wikimedia mission and turning the vision into reality will be sent out to the public, which we see as a way of promoting our work and ourselves as well.

Other benefits


Not for now.

Measures of success


Success of this project should be measure through following subjects:

  • number of participants
  • number of images collected
  • Inclusion in the media
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