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Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Philippines Inc.
Grant contact name
Joseph Ballesteros
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
Jojit_fb / jojit(_AT_)
Grant contact title (position)
Project lead name
Roel Balingit
Project lead user-name or e-mail
Scorpion_prinz /
Project lead title (position), if any
Full project name
Wikimedia Philippines: Startup 2
Amount requested (in USD)
10,000 8095
Provisional target start date
October 15, 2011
Provisional completion date
June 30, 2012 31 December 2012

Budget breakdown edit

Category Allotment (PHP) Amount in USD
($1 ≈ ₱42)
Regulatory requirements 15,000 360 Mayor's permit, Barangay clearance, permit to issue receipt from BIR, and NGO registration
Digital SLR camera 80,000 1,905 It comes with UV protection filter, telephoto zoom lens, underwater casing. The camera will be used mainly for event documentation and taking photographs that will be uploaded in Commons.
Scanner 53,000 1,265 A3 scanbed - it will be used primarily to scan old photographs, books and other materials released through free licenses that will be uploaded on Wikimedia projects. It can also be used to scan documents of the organization for archiving purposes.
Pocket Wifi Router 6,000 145 It will be used primarily for internet connectivity during meetings and events. This will be most useful during events like Wikipedia Takes the City where internet connectivity is a must when uploading pictures.
Wikipedia Promotions/caravans 60,000 1,430 The Wikipedia Promotions/caravans will be mostly school-based activities that will be designed to promote Wikipedia. The caravan will be going around campuses in and out of Metro Manila.
Meetings 40,000 955 Meetings include the four quarterly membership meetings, annual membership meeting, board meetings, and meetings with the government (like the KWF or Commission on Filipino Languages), the Wikipedia community and other organizations.
Virtual office rental and maintenance 25,000 560 One year contract for the use of business center services and facilities in Makati City. Services includes secretarial services such as receiving of correspondence, relaying of messages, calls and facsimile (converted to email), right to use business center address for annual business registration purposes, specified number of hours of use of conference room facilities.
Office supplies 20,000 480 It includes a lateral filing cabinet and other usual office supplies such as pen, papers, etc.
Professional services 15,000 360 Professional services of a certified public accountant for auditing our finances and lawyer for consulting about the "Freedom of Panorama" issue in Wikimedia Commons
Website development 9,000 220 This includes development of a separate website (currently redirects to our meta site), hosting, and domain name renewal.
Books and reference materials 15,000 360 Considerable amount of this will be used to purchase local language dictionaries which will be used to help enhance the writers in Philippine language Wikipedias.
Training and seminars 20,000 480 For attending seminars and training for the benefit of the organization
Microgrants 42,000 1,000 Adjusted requested amount
Fundraising permit 15,000 480 Fundraising permit from DSWD that is renewable every year.
Total 335,000 8,095

Project scope edit

As a recently-incorporated chapter, Wikimedia Philippines seeks to build up its structural support base in order to sustain the projects which it plans to pursue. We believe we had a successful first year, but there is much more that we can do. As referred to in the first startup grant, our focus will then shift to projects and programs which help get people acquainted with Wikimedia, help get the message of Wikimedia across and, in turn, make them into effective instruments of social change through the engagement of the Filipino people using education and the Wikimedia projects as a medium in doing so. We intend to do this through several means, including:

  • Wikimedia instructional videos
  • Wikimedia promotional campaigns (most especially for attracting new editors)
  • Wikimedia training seminars

There are many things that we can do, and most especially, there are many things that we want to do, which all fall under the scope of starting up to become a viable organization.

Project goal edit

Similar to the first startup grant, the goal of this project is to build up WMPH's organizational base in order to allow it to be more capable of handling organizational requirements in the future, as well as to allow the organization's members to freely pursue both the aims of the organization and Wikimedia without placing undue burden upon them.

In addition though to our initial goals, we want to also make sure that the organization can expand both Filipinos' ideas of what Wikipedia is and what Wikipedians are, and ultimately, to attract new editors to the Wikimedia projects, especially as Filipinos are, in general, underrepresented in the Wikimedia community.

Non-financial requirements edit

Fit to strategy edit

(Copied verbatim from the first startup grant as the intention is still generally the same.)

The project will help increase the reach of Wikimedia Philippines in order to get people to be more aware of the Wikimedia projects as a whole, and how they can be relevant to the Philippine setting in particular. While the Wikimedia projects have fairly strong name recall and brand awareness in the Philippines, particularly with Wikipedia, said awareness is dominated by a give-and-take mindset which more often than not leads people to take the Wikimedia projects for granted without them knowing how they can give back to the projects, and which perpetuates the mindset that the projects will always be left wanting because the content that they are looking for can't be found there.

WMPH deems it important that over time, this mindset needs to change if the projects will ever advance in the Philippines. Part of the reason why most Philippine-language projects have slowly but surely tanked over the years (exceptions being Tagalog, Cebuano and Bikol, which still have fairly vibrant communities) is because of a lack of interest among the community (or communities) involved, often without knowledge of them being able to contribute to the projects to fill in the gaps that they themselves complain need to be filled. We believe that in order to harness the full benefits of the projects, people need to be more proactive instead of reactive to the situations currently facing them, and people should be able to freely contribute to the projects in their own little way. Establishing a chapter upon strong institutional foundations is a major step in fulfilling that goal, and ensuring the long-term viability of vision of Wikimedia in the Philippines and the effectiveness of the Philippine-language projects in particular.

Other benefits edit

Measures of success edit

We will consider this project a success if we are able to launch meaningful projects and proclaim our advocacies to the public.

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