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Not funded
This grant submission from an organization in 2010-11 was not funded by the Wikimedia Foundation.
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Legal name of chapter
Wikimedia Indonesia
Grant contact name
Grant contact user-name or e-mail
mariyanah at wikimedia dot or dot id
Grant contact title (position)
Deputy Director Wikimedia Indonesia
Project lead name
Project lead user-name or e-mail
mariyanah at wikimedia dot or dot id
Project lead title (position), if any
Project Director
Full project name
(Indonesian) Perayaan Pengetahuan, Persahabatan, dan Wikipedia
(English)Celebrating Knowledge, Friendship, and Wikipedia (6th Indonesian Language Wikipedia Birthday Party)
Amount requested (in USD)
Provisional target start date
March 2011
Provisional completion date
May 2011 (Indonesian language Wikipedia Birthday)

Budget breakdown

  • Please note that the budget breakdown will be in Indonesian Rupiah (ID R) for exact calculation, US dollar value only for comparison purpose. Currency rate 1USD = ID R 8,900
  • We also expect the money to be granted by March 10th, 2011 - since the project is organized by volunteer - delay mean plan may not go on smoothly or not go on at all

No Items Unit Price/Unit Total IDR Total in USD
1 Venue + Meals [1] 150 x 100,000 15,000,000 1,685
2 Birthday merchandise for guest/as door prize [2] 150 x 27,000 4,050,000 455
3 Trophy [3] 5 x 252,000 1,260,000 142
4 Birthday Cake [4] 1 x 1,800,000 1,800,000 202
5 Formal invitation for media coverage and potential investor (CSR company) [5] 50 x 54,000 2,700,000 303
6 Communication[6] 4 x 270,000 1,080,000 121
7 Equipment + communication material [7] 1 x 9,660,000 9,660,000 1,085
8 Travel Scholarship for very active users from 5 (five) cities in Indonesia [8] 5 x 1,890,000 9,450,000 1,062
Grand Total 45,000,000 5,056

Project scope

  1. Birthday party! The cost for venue and meals for 150 invitations, self explanatory. The 150 invitations consist of 50 very active users, 20 committees and organization (entry fee free), 20 VIP invitations from 10 Company Social Responsibility (CSR) departments for possible investment for future Wikimedia Indonesia's project, 30 main stream media (entry fee free), 30 for public (charge IDR 25,000 or USD 2.8)
  2. Fun with customized/local Wikipedia merchandise, this could also work as a magnet so people (users/ media) would attend
  3. Awarding ceremony for best 5 (five) categories
  4. Birthday cake for 150 people
  5. The Wikipedian and public invitation will be using electronic invitation (zero cost). Official invitations for company and media will be printed and will be followed up by volunteer so there will be cost for communication and printing the invitations
  6. See above point no.5 + communication/coordination follow up for Wikipedian who confirmed that they will be coming, for volunteers will be reimbursed for the cost occur to take care guest arrival etc
  7. Screen rental, projector, printing hand out for guest, standing banner for projects showcase, decoration
  8. Right now, we have on going voting in Indonesian Wikipedia, for non Jakarta resident that the community would like to see most. About 5 (five) people are selected coming from Samarinda, Borneo;Solo, Central Java; Medan and Aceh, Sumatra
  • On going voting still happening in the Indonesian Wikipedia there are on going design competition to be printed on the T-Shirt, voting for most wanted very active user non Jakarta resident to be flown in to Jakarta, and five Wikipedian categories still under discussion


Location: TBD
Date: TBD (1st or 2nd week of May)
Time: TBD
Dress code: TBD
Celebrities coming:
Christian Sugiono as WMID Free Knowledge Ambassador
Birthday party schedule run down: TBA
Invited guests:
Mass media
Potential Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)



Project goal

  • Celebrating 6 (six) Year of Wikipedia Indonesia and give appreciation to users
  • Allowing very active users to meet each other in informal/celebration atmosphere
  • Having fun with all the birthday party merchandises.

Non-financial requirements



Fit to strategy

  • Support objectives of increasing reach and participation by allowing user, content creator, and/or meeting between one content creator to another face to face.
  • Potential venue to look for initial financial investment for chapter's project in an informal atmosphere.

Other benefits

  • Potential media coverage depending on how "crazy" the party turn out to be :D

Measures of success

  • Everyone has a good time - 150 guests attended the event.
  • A new appreciation for wikipedian volunteer from mass media (a call for help to more contributors)
  • Corporate Social Responsibilities company contact (to fund future project)