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Dissemination of Wikimedia Foundation projects in the Spanish National Free Software Universitary Contest Awards ceremony/Conference. The event will be a meeting point for wikipedian communities and university.


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WM-ES Spanish Chapter WM
Primary organization contact or project lead:
  • Legal name: Manuel Palomo-Duarte
  • Title or position within WMES: Wikimedia España board member
Secondary organization contact or project lead:
  • Legal name: Miguel García
  • Title or position within WMES: Treasurer

Amount requested

In currency requested:
EUR2170 EUR1750
In US dollars (this will be the same if the grant is requested in USD):
$2925,377 $2,410.10

Start and completion dates

The date this project will begin (include day, month, year):
May, 15th 2014 April 11, 2014
The date this project will complete (include day, month, year:
May, 16th 2014 June 6, 2014

Conflict of Interest statement

Are you aware of any conflict of interest (or what might be perceived as one) between the roles of any of the project leaders or board members? -- please answer NO or specify any (potential) conflict you are aware of.
Manuel Palomo-Duarte was member of the local organization committee of the Contest in previous years. Some students supervised by WM-ES members may take part in the project
IF there is any (potential) conflict, describe what steps you are taking to disclose and/or mitigate the conflict
Manuel is no long member of the organization committee of the Contest, being just a member of the award committee as an expert in FLOSS. Conflict of Interest rules in award committee do not allow an expert to evaluate a student he/she supervises

Goals, activities and measures of success


Project goals


The Concurso Universitario de Software Libre (Universitary Contest on Free Software) is a Spanish national contest to promote Free/Libre/OpenSource software (FLOSS), hardware and technical documentation in the scope of the Spanish Universities. This activity aims to fill the gap between university students and FLOSS to create longterm links that will provide benefits to both communities. This is the 8th edition of this activity, it has been celebrated yearly since the 2006/7 academic year.

More than 900 students have already participated in this contest, with more than 500 contributed projects since the beginning of this activity (some of them wiki-related, like AntiVandalBot -eventually winner in 2008 year or Clever Figures 4 MediaWiki software). The contest is promoted by FLOSS offices from the universities of Sevilla, Cádiz, Granada, La Laguna (Canary Islands), Zaragoza, Murcia and Castilla-La Mancha.

The Fase Final (Final phase Award Conference) includes a series of seminars where the selected students present their projects. There are also other talks and workshops conducted by industry practitioners and academics. This year, this event will take place in Sevilla, the capital of Andalusia by 15th May 2014. The Escuela Técnica Superior de Ingeniería Informática (Computer Sciences Faculty) will be the venue of the event, with SUGUS (University of Sevilla Linux User’s group, and SOLFA ( being the local committee.

We think the Final phase Award Conference is an interesting event to spread Wikimedia Foundation projects and to help to get students involved in this Open-Knowledge community. We estimate that there will be around 50 attendants to this event.

Project scope and list of activities


The main activities are the contest, the seminars and the award ceremony

The contest itself


In 2012/13, two members of the Wikimedia Spain board were part of the award committee. This committee is composed of up to 20 experts from FLOSS and Open Knowledge communities, comprising both academic and practitioners. Their main task consists of selecting the most relevant projects that have participated in the corresponding edition, but they also provide interesting feedback to all the participants, to help them improve theirs projects and share/spread knowledge.

Two representatives of WikiMedia Spain will be part again of the committee to provide feedback to students and chose the winner.

The seminars


The most relevant speakers that have participated in the event in previous years are:

  • Malcom Bain (ID lawpartners & Fellow of the Free Software Foundation Europe), lawyer specialized in FLOSS and OpenKnowledge.
  • Pascal Chevrel (Mozilla Foundation), he was the secretary of Mozilla Foundation in Europe at the time he participated as speaker.
  • Alberto Barrionuevo (Independent consultant, founder of Opentia), expert in public administration and FLOSS matters.
  • Alfonso de Cala (Junta de Andalucía), local Andalusian government FLOSS representative.
  • Alvaro Lopez Ortega (Cherokee project), main developer of the Cherokee webserver.
  • Paul Brown (Linux Magazine), Spanish editor of Linux Magazine.
  • Jonathan Chacón (ONCE foundation), blind software developer working for ONCE foundation that is expert in accessibility.

Among many many others.

This seminar includes talks by best students, that are invited to the Conference, being the main expense for funding in this project. Additionally, we want to make a little gift to the speakers and to the volunteers that will work in this event, and we think that the shirts with that slogan is a good one.

We plan to make a short seminar on wiki-related projects in previous years, and an “edithon” to increase the number/quality of Wikipedia articles related to open source technologies and communities, specially in Spanish Wikipedia.

This is the list of the speakers that have confirmed his attendance:

  • Jorge Sierra, president of Wikimedia España (or other board member representing the Chapter)

Award ceremony


Award ceremony to give prizes to winning students

Measures of success


There are some measures that we can study:

  1. Number of attendees. If lower than 30, we will regard that as a failure.
  2. Media stories. If more than 2 positive stories, we will regard that as a success.
  3. Photos and videos. If we fail to cover these event with photos and videos and upload them under a free license, we regard that as a failure.
  4. Number of Wikipedia pages that receive contributions during the edithon. More than 10 will be a success.
  5. Number of new registered Wikipedian users. More than 5 will be a success. Note: if the majority of the attendants already have an account this measure will be discarded.

Tools and opportunities


This activity is publicized in main local specialized technical journals, web sites and magazines, such as Novatica, Muy Linux and Barrapunto, among many others. We think that some press, radio and even TV media, could be interested in this project, making more visibility of Wikipedia, Spanish Wikimedia Chapter and other projects from the Wikimedia Foundation.

The regional government has conducted a free-software adoption policy for a decade, with results specially visible at schools. We would like that the generation of university students who learn and studied using with free software get involve in open-knowledge projects

Making a wiki-event in Sevilla, the capital of Andalusia can help extent the Wikipedian community in the region.

The event can be a meeting point for wikipedian communities and university.

Strategic alignment




Our proposal works on 3 priorities of the Feb 2011 Wikimedia Strategic Plan:

  • Increase participation: We want to get more students, academic staff and practitioners involved in Spanish Wikipedia and other wiki-projects, specially in computer science-related stuff.
  • Improve quality: We want students, academic staff an practitioners to contribute to Wikipedia during the "edithon".
  • Encourage Innovation: We want students who participants to develop Wikipedia related software tools and systems

Additionally, we want to increase visibility of the Spanish Wikimedia Chapter.

Program area


Education, MediaWiki free software development

Contribution to movement learning


Our results could help people do similar project within other IT contests or conferences, specially student-oriented ones.

Community discussion


Community endorsement (or at least evidence that there are no serious objections) may greatly improve your project's chances for success, and its chances for receiving funding from WMF. Does your project benefit a particular Wikimedia project and / or language community? If so, please tell us which community.

Spanish Wikipedia.

If you have discussed this grant proposal with a relevant community, please tell us about it, and provide links where possible.

WM Spanish chapter

Budget breakdown


Project budget table

Number Category Item description Unit Number of units Cost per unit Total cost Currency Notes
1 Travel and accommodation to Seville For a student 1 flight and 2 nights in a hotel 2 300 600 EUR We checked low-cost companies and shared hotel room. In case the travel is not long, other transport (bus or private car) will be checked
2 Travel and accommodation to Seville For a invited speaker to talk about Free Knowledge or licensing 1 flight and 2 nights in a hotel 1 350 350 EUR We checked low-cost companies and shared hotel room. In case the travel is not long, other transport (bus or private car) will be checked
3 Travel and accommodation to Seville For a person representing WM-ES 1 flight and 2 nights in a hotel 1 350 350 EUR We checked low-cost companies and shared hotel room. In case the travel is not long, other transport (bus or private car) will be checked
4 Food & Beverages Lunch for Day 1 Per person 20 (organizers, selected students and speakers) 6 120 EUR We will check food providers in University Campus
5 Event dissemination Apparel 1 Shirt 20 7 140 EUR T-shirts for publicize Wiki-projects and the Contest with slogan: "Do you wiki?" or similar in Spanish

Unforeseen and extraordinary expenses: EUR190

Total cost of project in your budget's currency and in US dollars


In your budget's currency:


In US dollars:


Total amount requested in your budget's currency and in US dollars


In your budget's currency:


In US dollars:


Other funding



Non-financial requirements


The venue for the ceremony is already arranged with the University of Seville for free. There will be a comfortable room for the seminars with wireless connection and all usual facilities in the Faculty. It is well connected by public transport.

We would like to request the use Wikipedia logos in the t-shirts.

Team members (optional)

  1. Jorge Sierra, president of Wikimedia España
  2. Manuel Palomo Duarte, member of Wikimedia España Board
  3. Guillermo Rodríguez Cano, member of Wikimedia España
  4. David Gómez, member of Wikimedia España
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