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In the second quarter of 2012, different projects that started in the past term continued their development or finally reached successful to their goals.

Wikimedia Argentina hosted the first events focused on gender issues related to the Wikimedia movement: WikiWomenCamp and Wikigénero. Both events, the first one focused on community strengthening and the second one with a more analytical approach, were pioneers for the reduce of the gender gap in our projects. The new corporative videos allowed Wikimedia Argentina to reach more efficiently to different audiences, not only online but also in the differents workshops and presentations that are being done.

Wikimedia Argentina started its program of federal activities across the country, with events in Rosario and Mendoza, the third and fourth largest cities in the country. Cooperation agreements with the National University of La Plata, the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires and the National Comission of Museums and Monuments continued with different outcomes.

Also, in this period, Wikimedia Argentina experienced several internal changes after the resignation of Patricio Lorente to the Presidency of the Board after his election as trustee of the Wikimedia Foundation, being replaced by Galileo Vidoni, the Vice-President of the Association at the moment. Also, Beatriz Busaniche resigned at the position of Executive Director of Wikimedia Argentina; the Association decided to hire a new ED with a clearer role and a profile designed by the Association in the following weeks.

Federalization activities

Leandro Kibisz in a workshop at the 5th Congress of Digital Journalism, in Rosario (more images in Commons).

Objectives: To organize two events in cities away from Buenos Aires to promote the participation of Wikimedians from the inner provinces of the country in the projects.


  • Between June 5 and June 7, Wikimedia Argentina organized different activities as part of the Congress of Digital Journalism, organized by the National University of Rosario (3rd largest Argentine city). Evelin Heidel, Leandro Kibisz, Beatrice Murch y Esteban Zárate, members of WM-AR, gave talks and workshops about Wikipedia and journalism: the main policies of the project, reliability of Wikipedia, use of sources, conflict of interests, etc. Also, a presentation about Wikimedia Commons and licensing was done and another one about Wikinews and how to edit there.
  • On June 15 and 16, Lila Pagola, Patricio Lorente y Andrea Kleiman gave a round of presentations and workshops about Wikipedia at the National University of Cuyo, in Mendoza (4th largest city in the country). The workshop included topics about Wikipedia (how to edit, how to cite sources, etc.) and Wikimedia Commons. A meeting was organized with Alejandra Ciriza, a prominent researcher about gender policies, with the idea of participate in a national network of researchers about this topic.
  • A third meeting is being organized for August, in General Deheza, a town in the Córdoba Province.

Gender gap activities

WikiWomenCamp (more images in Commons).

Objectives: Increase female participation in Wikimedia Argentina by 25%.


  • WikiWomenCamp, a meeting for women and transgender from the Wikimedia community, was organized in Buenos Aires between May 23 and 25. Wikimedia Argentina provided the logistics for the organization of the event, including the venue, catering and visa-related issues. The event was attended by people from Australia, Brazil, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Germany, Portugal, Russia, South Africa, Spain the United States and different provinces of Argentina. The event was done in Spanish and English. You can see the outcomes of the event here.
  • Wikigénero was an event organized by Wikimedia Argentina with the idea of discuss and analize the gender gap that exists in Wikipedia and partner projects. Around 1 in 10 editors are female, according to some researches, which is a urgent situation that needs to be solved. WikiGénero became a space for dialogue and analysis of the causes of this gender gap and also to think strategies to broad the female participation on Wikimedia projects. The event was attended by Sue Gardner, Executive Director of the Wikimedia Foundation; Anuradha Uduwage, a researcher of LensGroup (Univ. of Minesotta, USA), part of the team responsible of one of the most detailed research about gender gap in Wikipedia; and Diana Maffia, feminist and philosopher of the University of Buenos Aires.


Diplodocus article on Spanish Wikipedia, obtained using QRpedia.

Objectives: Promote cooperation with GLAM institutions


  • The Museum of Natural Sciences of the National University of La Plata (UNLP) started the implementation of QRpedia in their exhibitions. QRpedia is an initiative to offer Wikipedia articles to smartphones using QR codes in the predefined language of the user. This is the first experience in Latin America with QRpedia and is available only in the Paleontology section of the museum. This initiative is part of a broader collaboration agreement signed by the UNLP and Wikimedia Argentina.
  • Talks with the National Comission of Museums and Monuments for a collaboration agreement, including support for Wiki Loves Monuments 2012 and workshops about Wikipedia in the School of Museology.



Objectives: Promote the use of Wikipedia in educational environments, at different levels, including Bilingual Education in indigenous languages ​​of the region.

Activities: On April 9, a meeting with teachers and the Ministry of Education of the City of Buenos Aires was conducted, as part of the agreement with InTec. The meeting was held at the headquarters of InTec, aimed at the realization of a specialized workshop on the use of Wikipedia in the classrooms, integration of projects in different educational levels and search for common strategies to enhance the impact and use of projects in Education. The outcome of the meeting was a number of important tips to consider when updating the Wikipedia en el aula booklet, as planned in our work program for 2012, but also adds to these results the proposal of the Ministry to make themselves a tutorial to distribute to students and teachers on how to take first steps on Wikipedia.


"¿Qué es Wikipedia?", one of the two corporative videos of Wikimedia Argentina.
Sue Gardner gives an award to RoblesPepe for his winning article at the Mujeres Iberoamericanas contest.

Objectives: Create a public communication strategy


  • Various Wikimedia Argentina members took part this year in the celebration of the Latin American Festival of Installation of Free Software (Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre o FLISoL). thank the organizers of FLISoL by these invitations to join and be part of this event held once a year in various cities across Latin America; in Argentina, this year was held in 37 cities. WA members were present at the events in Buenos Aires, La Plata, Mar del Plata, Rosario, Salta and Villa Madero (Buenos Aires Province), among others, giving presentations about Wikipedia and other sister projects.
  • Wikimedia Argentina published on Wikimedia Commons and Vimeo its corporative videos under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0. The videos are aimed at increasing the participation of users in editing and use of Spanish Wikipedia, as well as raise awareness of the various projects of our association to the general public. In addition, the video "¿Qué es Wikipedia?" ("What is Wikipedia?") has been chosen as featured resource in Spanish Wikipedia and in Wikimedia Commons.
  • The awards for the Mujeres Iberoamericanas contest were given to its two winners. The winner with the largest number of articles created was Rosarinagazo, with a total number of 318 articles created about important Ibero American female figure. The winner of the best article was Roblespepe, because of his article Telesita. Both winners received a photographic camera.


Participants at the Second Ibero-American Wikimedia Summit in Santiago, Chile.

Objectives: Strengthen cooperation between the Ibero American Wikimedia community.


  • Patricio Lorente and Galileo Vidoni took part, as Wikimedia Argentina representatives, of the Second Ibero-American Wikimedia Summit, organized by Wikimedia Chile in Santiago, between June 1 and 3. Several topics were discussed, including developing of indigenous languages, educational projects, communication, finances and internal structure of the Wikimedia groups.
  • Wikimedia Argentina invited Erlan Vega, coordinator of Wikimedia Bolivia working group, to participate in Wikimania 2012 after no Bolivian got a scholarship for the event.

Reporting and documentation of expenditures

Official income statement for Q2 2012 (in Spanish, in ARS)

Details of expenditures:

Member fees 80,00 17,20
Total revenue 80,00 17,20
Operating activities 34.561,45 7.432,57
Office equipment 39,75 8,55
Mailing 90,00 19,35
Salaries 32.810,00 7.055,91
Bank fees 1.621,70 348,75
GLAM activities 9.411,40 2.023,96
Stationary and supplies 300,00 64,52
Do it yourself scanners 9.111,40 1.959,44
WikiGénero 26.805,50 5.764,62
Catering 19.662,5 4.228,49
Travel allowances 143,00 30,75
Translation 7.000,00 1.505,38
WikiWomenCamp 6.252,90 1.344,71
Oven rental 302,50 65.05
Acrylics 300,00 64,52
Translation 500,00 107,53
Travel allowances 5.150,40 1.107,61
Wikimania 2012 participation 31.085,38 6.685,03
General Assembly participation 849,00 182,58
Mujeres Iberoamericanas contest 2.007,00 431,61
Federalization activities 2.028,00 436,13
Total expenses 113.000,63 24.301,21
Q1+Q2 net income 218.869,77 47.068,77