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Před podáním zprávy si důkladně prostudujte požadavky na podávání zpráv pro Grantový program projektů a akcí.

How it works

Each grant request name has two parts: the first part of the name identifies the grantee, while the second part of the name identifies the project. Each report is a subpage of its grant request entitled Report. Therefore, your report must be named in exactly the same way your grant request is named. To avoid any errors, please copy the grantee name and the title of your grant request when using the page creation tool here. Do not include the namespace Grants in the page creation box below, as your report will automatically be added to the Grants namespace.

When you use the page creation tool below, your request will be named correctly when you follow the instructions and the grant report form will be loaded automatically. The link to your page will look like: //

Note that titles of pages on a Wiki are case sensitive.

At any time, please email with questions about how to submit a report. If you need to move an existing page, you may also contact for assistance.

Submit your report now!

Please remember: after completing the form provided, click "save" and Email grants at wikimedia dot org.

Sample usage

Wikimedia Example is a recognized affiliate organization with abbreviation WM EX, and would like to submit a report for project entitled "Example project". Wikimedia Example has already used the page creation tool for grant submissions to create a submission entitled Grants:PEG/WM EX/Example project, which may be found at

When Wikimedia Example clicks "Submit report", a page entitled Grants:PEG/WM EX/Example project/Report will be created. Wikimedia Example will then fill out the form provided on that page, and click "save" to ensure that the form is created. The page may then be visited at

Next steps

  • After your report is submitted, please add your newly created report and its discussion page to your Watchlist, so that you may promptly respond to comments and questions from WMF and the GAC.
  • After you email grants wikimedia org, you will receive a response within 7 days acknowledging your submission.
  • Please take a moment to read the reporting requirements and learn about next steps. It is critical that each grantee engage actively in WMF's public review process for reports.