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This page documents a process of the WMF Project and Event Grants program. Return to the Grants:PEG page at any time for more information!

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This is the stage when your grant proposal is discussed by the community and you find out if it will be funded.

See review for more information about this process specific to your program.

Grant review Eligibility
WMF will need to determine if you are eligible to request funding or receive a grant. You must continue to remain eligible through the review process in order to actually receive funding.
Grant review Discussion
Engage in your program's review process actively, and respond to any questions or comments form your committee or from WMF Staff. The review process is different for each program.
Grant review Revisions
For some grants programs, you may have the opportunity to make changes to your request during some stages of the review process. For other programs, you may need permission to make any changes after your request is submitted. After a decision is made, your grant request cannot be changed unless you request and receive permission from WMF to make a change.
Grant review Decision
WMF will announce a decision about your request for funds and will change the status of your request's page to show the decision. WMF will also write to you to announce the decision, and you will need to reply to WMF's requests for information to accept and finalize your grant if it is funded.
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