Grants:TPS/Olaf Kosinsky/Press Accreditation for the Olympic Winter Games 2014

Legal name of organization or individual requesting this grant
Olaf Kosinsky
Grant contact name
Olaf Kosinsky
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Full project name
Press Accreditation for the Olympic Winter Games 2014
Amount requested in USD or local currency (USD will be assumed if no other currency is specified)
800 EUR
Provisional target start date
November 2012
Provisional completion date
December 2012

Budget breakdownEdit

  • Travel costs: 800EUR
    • Flight to Geneve/Switzerland
    • Rental car or Railway
    • Hotel accomodation in Lausanne
    • Other travel costs

Project goalEdit

A group of wikipedians (authors and photographers) are going to receive press accreditation for the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014

Project scope and list of activitiesEdit

The procedure of accreditation for television and radio companies having broadcasting permission is handled directly by the IOC. For all other media organizations without broadcasting permission (such as Wikipedia) accreditation can be enquired at the national Olympic organizations. I have therefore consulted the German Olympic Sports Confederation and asked for press accreditation of wiki-authors and wiki-photographers, but this is not possible because of limited contingents. I was given the recommendation of contacting IOC directly and in the meantime I have a contact person at IOC.

The project aims at enabling press accreditation of at least 5 Wikipedians (3 photographers and two authors/writers) for the Olympic Winter Games 2014 in Sochi. Our plan is to have a personal talk to the IOC contact person in Lausanne and give a presentation about Wikipedia’s intended Olympic reporting in 2014.

I have already experience in various “photo-projects” in the German community ( For example the official “fitting out” of the German Olympic team for London 2012 ( and


In order to get in contact with IOC I‘m going to participate in the 8th edition of the IOC World Conference on Sport, Culture and Education in Amsterdam, supported by WMDE. (

Non-financial requirementsEdit

We need a letter of recommendation by the Wikipedia Foundation to the ICO, rectifying that we are working on behalf of the Foundation and that the Foundation supports the accreditation of wikipedians for the Olympic winter games 2014.

Fit to strategyEdit

This project supports the key organizational objectives of:

  • participation (more people are participating),
  • quality (more useful content or higher quality of existing content),

Other benefitsEdit

Impressive pictures/photos of Winter Olympic athletes

Measures of successEdit

The IOC grants press accreditation to at least 5 wikipedians as authors or photographers respectively for the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014.

Team members (optional)Edit

Olaf Kosinsky
Ralf Rolatschek