Grants:PEG/Metro/Institutional Growth and Community Fellow/Report/Interim

Interim report accepted
This interim report for a Project and Event Grant has been reviewed and accepted by the Wikimedia Foundation.

Mid-Grant Report for Grants:PEG/Metro/Institutional Growth and Community FellowEdit

3-month Period I report for: Grants:PEG/Metro/Institutional Growth and Community Fellow, completed by Dorothy Howard and the Metropolitan New York Library Council.

Grant dates: July 14, 2014 – January 12, 2015

Period I: July 14 2014 – October 14, 2014
Period II: October 14, 2014 – January 12, 2015


Ongoing NYC GLAM-Wiki Institutional CommunicationEdit

New Institutional ActivityEdit

Edit-a-thons/ EventsEdit

Upcoming EventsEdit

  • 3 Part METRO Wikipedia Webinar Series:
  1. Youtube Webcast: Reference and Citation on Wikipedia and the Library (10/27)
  2. Youtube Webcast: Wikipedia and Education (11/24)
  3. Youtube Webcast: Wikipedia and Medicine (12/8)
Development of day-of lesson plan curricula.

NYC GLAM-Wiki Project DevelopmentsEdit

Outreach StrategyEdit

  • Email blasts to METRO members and targeted event invitations
  • Event announcements, event recaps, blogging, announcement of WMF Grant and continuing partnership
  • Use of Wikipedia mailing lists on and off Wiki, to inform and include local Wikipedians.

Qualitative ResultsEdit

Big PictureEdit

  • Continued interaction and event coordination with Wikimedia NYC, and membership, attendance at Wikimedia NYC meetings and meetups.
  • Professional Development for METRO members: Several Institutional Partners who have been working with us since fall, winter, and spring, 2013, who have now begun to present on Wikipedia to their own communities.
  • Increasing Awareness of Wikimedia Projects and the Open Knowledge / Free Content Movement
  • Increasing Participation of Content Experts in Open Knowledge Projects
  • Increasing Skills for editing/contributing
  • Increasing Volunteer motivation and commitment
  • Increasing perceptions of credibility and/or quality about Wikipedia
  • Effort to improve categorization of institutional images related to or containing images from METRO members and local GLAMs.

Documents CreatedEdit


  1. July 2014
  2. September 2014.


Quantitative ResultsEdit


  • 5 new meetings with potential institutional partners
  • 3 new training/edit-a-thon events
  • 3 upcoming public Wikipedia events
  • 3 upcoming fall/winter Wikipedia webinars
  • 2 blog articles written
  • 2 new GLAM Project pages
  • 8 on-going, supervised GLAM institutional partners in the New York City area.

Wikimedia Commons Institutional Images UploadedEdit

Edit-a-thon StatsEdit

Gathered for the Westerschester County Edit-a-thon, Mount Sinai Edit-a-thon and Guggenheim Edit-a-thon, using Wikimetrics.

  • Circa 63 in attendance at Edit-a-thons thus far.
  • 27 pages created by event attendees.

Westchester County Edit-a-thon at BriarCliff Manor Public Library (8/24)Edit

Event page

  • Circa 13 attendees.

1 Day after event

  • Bytes Added by attendees: 98,097 bytes added
  • Number of Edits: 275 edits made
  • Pages Created: 15 pages

30 days after event

  • Bytes Added by attendees: 1,816,277
  • Number of Edits: 3380
  • Pages Created: 248

Guggenheim Museum Edit-a-thon on Museum Architecture (10/7)Edit

Event page

  • 24 in attendence

1 Day after event

  • Bytes added: 50,679
  • Number of edits: 211
  • Pages created: 5

1 Week after event

  • Bytes added: 444,136
  • Number of edits: 602
  • Pages created: 16