Grants:PEG/Daclausen/Nebraska WikiWarriors 2016

Daclausen/Nebraska WikiWarriors 2016
We will host an edit-a-thon at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln Library as an event during the campus Women's Week. We hope to empower women as editors and build a local Wiki community.
targetWikiProject Women
strategic priorityIncrease participation
start dateMarch 15
start year2016
end dateMarch 15
end year2016
budget (local currency)$200
budget (USD)$200
grant typeOrganization
non-profit statusYes
organization• Digital Humanities Student Association
created on15:49, 15 February 2016 (UTC)


We will host an event at the University of Nebraska Lincoln's Adele Hall Learning Commons, in the University Libraries,as a part of Women's Week 2016. We will encourage and provide support for new editors, reach out to women, and provide topics and resources for writing.



There will be four different stations at our Edit-A-Thon event. First, there will be a "Learning to Use Wikipedia/Choosing a Topic" station. There will be volunteers helping participants navigate Wikipedia, and we will have a board of topics participants can chose from to edit or create. Topics will focus on women and women's issues. We will also provide a "Research" station, with secondary sources in print for participants to use. Here they will also be able to create a general outline of the page they are creating or editing. There will be a "Writing" station where participants will engage in the writing process with help from volunteers to edit the articles. Last, we will have a "Celebration" station for editors to upload their final submissions and add to our visual display of the impact we have made, as well as receive snacks and prizes.


Target readershipEdit


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Increase Participation

Measures of successEdit

In order to measure success we will track participant names, and the number of women who participate in our event. We will also track staff and volunteer hours, in order to show the work involved in putting on a successful edit-a-thon. We will then also track the contributions from the night of the edit-a-thon. We expect media coverage both before and after our event, which will highlight the goals and achievements of Wikipedia as an educational tool and as a venue for direct action.

Resources and risksEdit


The idea for the event came from an instructor who has taught with Wikipedia and seen the benefits of editing for both the community and the students. It's being pulled off by university faculty and staff, students who used Wikipedia in class, and editors who came to Wikipedia on their own. There is quite a buzz among the planners.

We have gathered a large number of both in-kind and cash sponsors, in order to make this event possible. We are collaborating with the University Libraries, English Department, History Department, the Raikes School of Computer Science and Management, the Graduate Certificate Program in Digital Humanities, and Digital Humanities Student Association, all from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Furthermore, we have partnered with Lincoln-area business partners such as BuluBox, Aspen Lincoln, and Hudl.

Team members include:

  • Elizabeth Lorang, Associate Professor of Libraries, UNL (emlorang)
  • Stephanie Camerone, Graduate Fellow, Center for Digital Research in the Humanities, UNL


Possible risks and obstacles for this event include: lack of financial management, lack of experience holding campus wide events, lack of experience editing wikipedia, not receiving enough financial support, and failing to recruit a good amount of participants. However the committee putting together this edit-a-thon has ample experience in raising money, managing budgets, and running campus events. As well we have gathered a number of volunteers that have experience editing wikipedia and can offer help to the participants in this way. The committee will be advertising the event on many platforms throughout the campus and Lincoln community. The committee will also take extra care to focus advertisements on the computer science, digital humanities, women's and gender studies, and english departments. These departments may have an previously invested interest in the event and thus will be more likely to attend the event. This strong push of advertisement will bring plenty of participants to the Edit-A-Thon. Despite the risks and obstacles to the event, our committee has the experience and resources to host an impactful Edit-A-Thon


We already have funding from a variety of campus and community organizations. We are only requesting merchandise from Wikimedia, to share with our participants and volunteers.

Projected Budget TableEdit

Expense Expense Type Real or Estimate? Notes
1 $600 Food and Beverages Estimate Estimated at $6 per person
2 $100 {Paper Products for food and beverage Estimate
3 $100 Wikipedia Swag Estimate If grant isn't supported will need to increase budget
4 $300 Printing Costs Estimate
5 $75 Photographer Estimate
6 $200 T-Shirts for Volunteers Estimate
7 $100 Miscellaneous Supplies Estimate
8 $1,475 Total Expenses Estimate

Total amount requestedEdit

We are requesting zero (0) dollars. All monetary assistance has been found through other collegiate supporting venues.

Additional sources of revenueEdit

Additional sources of revenue, other than the Project and Event Grants Program, that may fund part of this project, and amounts funded. Love Library: Use of Learning Commons, Publicity, Planning

  • University Libraries, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, in-kind contribution for space, promotional assistance, staff time
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln English Dept. $150
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln History Dept. $150
  • Graduate Certificate in Digital Humanities $150
  • Computing for All $250
  • Jeffery S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management $400
  • Hudl:approximately $200
  • Aspen: Donations to a women's charity of $5 per new page/significant improvement up to $1000

Non-financial requirementsEdit

It would be nice to have the following items from Wikimedia Foundationː

Number Item description Number of units
1 Wikimedia T-Shirts 25
2 Wikimedia Bags 25
3 Wikimedia Stickers 125
4 Wikimedia Buttons 100


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  • This project will allow students at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to use research resources on campus to re-write marginalized women into the digital history that is shared via Wikipedia. Oscyswiki (talk) 21:04, 26 February 2016 (UTC)