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Share as much info as you have about this learning point so far. Over time and with the help of collaborators, you can continue to develop it.

Step 0. Log in

Before creating your point, make sure you are logged in - this will help you get more collaboration and assistance later on. If you don't yet have an account on this wiki, you can use the "create account" link at the top of the page.

Step 1. Fill in the infobox

In the edit box below...

Learning pattern categories
online engagement
organizational design
gender gap
wiki design
wmf grantmaking
scroll to see more options
  • Describe the problem or situation that this learning pattern addresses after problem=.
One sentence is enough here: you can go into more detail later on.
  • Summarize the solution in 1-2 sentences after solution=
  • Categorize your pattern by adding one of the categories on the right after type= »
You can also add a second category under type2=. Leave these both blank if none of the available categories seem appropriate.
  • If you want to, you can add an image from Wikimedia Commons as an avatar for your learning point after image=.
If you leave this blank, you get a duck  .

It should look something like this:

|problem=Filling out infoboxes in wikitext can be confusing, even for experienced editors.

|solution=Create an edit intro page with step-by-step instructions and examples of a completed infobox. If possible, include a picture of a mechanical duck.

|type=online engagement

Step 2. Fill in the details.

  • Summarize the problem under ==What problem does this solve?==.
You can start with the sentence you put in the infobox, and then add as much description as you want. You can always come back later.
  • Explain the solution under ==What is the solution?==.
If you're ready to get specific, you can add considerations, examples, references and related resources now.

That's it! You can click "Show preview" below the edit window to see what your new page looks like. Once you're happy with it, click "Save page."