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Conducting technical workshops and talks
problemFind some easy ways to teach people and encourage to contribute into Wikimedia/MediaWiki
solutionCreate some basic talks / Workshop structures with easiest example so that people can learn very easily and can start contributing to Mediawiki
created on18:16, 7 May 2015 (UTC)

What problem does this solve? edit

In a conference or other meetup, if someone is going to deliver talk or conducting workshop related to MediaWiki activities there should be some basic structures or ideas or examples that can be shown to audience so that they can understand very easily and can contribute. These things can be useful for not only conference any where. Lots of workshops and technical talks can be done very easily plus effectively if we have such a list or examples. This may turn out into more technical contributors.

What is the solution? edit

Countries like India or Asia there are lots of potential candidates who can contribute to the technical activities of MediaWiki but they want some sort of basic kick start. So my solution is to create some basic structure of workshops and talks with very interesting and easy examples or hands on so that they can actually create something. For example learning how to create gadgets in MediaWiki is the easiest and interesting stuff to do. So in conference FOSSASIA 2015 my workshop was basically on MediaWiki Gadgets. I taught all people to create gadgets by showing one example 'Gadget that count edits of user'. So this theme of gadgets become so interesting for them and all participants were ended up creating this gadgets. They all checked edit count of their as well as others. I also showed all the basic things of gadgets by showing this thing. So if we can create some basic talk workshop structure then in any kind of meetup or conference people can present very effectively plus they can add their own suggestions so it become very healthy and fruitful. With very small help we can encourage more people we can target more contributors and especially country like India. Its really useful stuff I found in FOSSASIA by conducting this workshop.

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  • Targeted audience

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  • Conferences
  • Meetups

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