Learning patterns/Collecting usernames for in-person events

Collecting usernames for in-person events
problemWhen collecting usernames for in-person events for data analysis on Wikimetrics, it can be tricky to gather all of the participants' usernames.
solutionMake sure to gather this information before and after the event to make sure that you are capturing new users, existing users, and any users who may not have created a username or changed their username until after the event.
creatorEGalvez (WMF)
created on12 February, 2014
status:in progress

What problem does this solve?


How can you collect usernames of new users who sign up at an event, and obtain their consent to record those usernames for later tracking?

What is the solution?


There are many opportunities to collect usernames. First, you are able to capture some existing users by collecting usernames through an on-wiki sign up sheet. Second, you can create a sign-up sheet where new users, who may have just created their first username, can sign up. You may also want to gather other contact information, such as their email address so you can stay in touch with users off-wiki if needed. Finally, to find out if any usernames have changed, you can email participants to ask for their username information a few days later.

General considerations

  • There is a limit of 6 usernames that can be created from a single IP address in a 24-hour period. This means that for events in one location, you will usually not be able to create more than 6 usernames each day. There are exceptions for users with the mass account creation right, and you may want to request that right prior to an event when new accounts will be created.
  • Be sure to get consent whenever you collect user information from an in-person event.
  • Consider passing around a tablet or laptop to collect information, using a form like Wikimedia DC's opt-in form

When to use

  • Any in-person events such as Edit-a-thons, On-wiki writing workshops, etc.



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