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successful womens exist
womens can be active and successful in the comunity, as men. why wouldn't be equality ? rather than difference.
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created on19:14, 21 March 2015 (UTC)

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Womens in the past were under the power of men, then it goes powerless within the time, now womens can be more clever than mens, but the old picture of her still didn't get deleted causing her obstacles when its gets to work, so we should work on the womens rights, so we wouldn't let her be just a victim in comunity as matter of fact womens are very organized and can be a good factor.

What is your solution? edit

I think people should let the old picture and start to get used to the new version letting her work in places that mens also work at.

Goals edit

to make my idea reality, and grow up a world with equality in the work session.

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