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ground truth
i am an indian. We are worst when it comes to girl harassment but the ground reason is how we treat girls from the birth. I have seen indian parents to give less attention to girl child then a boy child. Now,it is changing in some places but it still exists in rural india. Talking about second reason some are still jobless and the reason for this is parents wants them to be what their parents want not what they want. The third reason is the internal violence after marriage indian girls have to go their husband's place but even if the behavior of the husband is not expected the parents tell the girl to tolerate not to fight back and the most important reason these all things happen is education indians are not so educated and in education these things are not taught even if the teachers feel shame to say word sex according to me these issues are involved with education and the way we got educated and that's all. i don't know how i end this but i request wikipedia to reach indian government and show my message if possible please! thank you.
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created on14:28, Tuesday, June 7, 2016 (UTC)

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