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Zero Tolerance Policy
The ONLY viable way to deal with harassment, bullying and other abusive behaviors is with a ZERO Tolerance Policy. There is no other method that will work.
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There are apparently problems with ('extreme') arguments, harassment, bullying and related forms of abuse in the MFD between contributors.

What is your solution?


The ONLY viable way to deal with harassment and bullying and the like is with a ZERO Tolerance Policy. There is NO OTHER (viable) METHOD that will work. (almost literally)

You could do a Three-Strikes rule if you wanted to be more lenient and give people a chance if/when they make a mistake. Although people who act in this manner usually are not making mistakes, it is who and what they are and choose to be at a fundamental level, and most people cannot change or even appropriately modify their behavior. (you could also use a points / demerits system)

The people who are exhibiting these negative behaviors are abusive undesirables and you do not need them, no matter how much they contribute otherwise, or that it is of a higher quality, etc. They are morale destroyers along with the other negative behaviors they exhibit, and will "run off" "good people".

Note that this policy would need to be applied across the board for EVERYONE from "top" to "bottom" for it to work. (also note that sometimes this behavior is "learned" from "higher ups", who may not be good role models)

You would need people whose SPECIFIC job it is to make decisions about whether someone needs to be sanctioned, probably on some form of a voting board, like an Honor Board. (perhaps 2 out of 3, or 3 out of 5, etc.) But good luck not only finding these people, but finding GOOD people that can do a good job. (the people who are working in these roles should probably ideally have sociology and/or psychology / counseling experience or something similar)

Like the people they would be dealing with, there are "Little Napoleons" and basically sociopathic people who are drawn to positions like this, like a moth to a flame. It's the age old problem of "give a 'little' person a little bit of power and then stand back and watch the fireworks." (the scenario might also actually be self-corrupting, as well, over time)

These people should also have ABSOLUTE editing power over posts that are in question, to remove or re-state or otherwise modify questionable content by the abuser.

Talk about a "full time job".

Project goals


This is really the ONLY viable, workable and applicable policy to stop arguments, harassment, and bullying, among other negative and abusive characteristics, traits, and behaviors. (almost literally NOTHING else will work)

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  • I agree. Too many contributors get away with harrasment and intimidation even if its subtle and pasive agressive. Absolute justice means that these abusers need to be dealt with mercilessly. Sanjev Rajaram (talk) 06:17, 4 June 2016 (UTC)

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