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Wikipedia Treks Mountains
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To increase photographic content in Commons and article content in Wikipedia and Wikivoyage by reaching remotest places of mountains of the planet
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created on15:59, 28 July 2015 (UTC)

Project ideaEdit

What is the problem you're trying to solve?Edit

Mountains are remote and difficult to approach. It is not very easy for a Wikipedians without any proper training to reach the mountains to photograph the remotest places. Tough terrains like stiff rocks, scree, sharp ridges, crevasses, avalanche-prone areas make these places one of the least accessible area of this planets.

What is your solution?Edit

Wikipedia Treks Mountains is the idea to bring together professional or amateur mountaineers, rock climbers and trekkers, having basic training in these adventure sports, to venture into the mountains with proper mountain equipments and collect photographic and other data to increase the content in Wikimedia. Openstreetmap developers can also be involved in these project to improve the maps of these area.

Project goalsEdit

  1. To increase the photographic content of different mountain areas in Commons.
  2. To improve or create article contents of different mountain areas in Wikipedia.
  3. To improve or create article contents of trek routes of different mountain areas in Wikivoyage.
  4. To create maps of different mountain areas in Openstreetmap.

Measures of successEdit

  • Number of photographs uploaded on Commons.
  • Number of mountaineers, rock climbers or trekkers involved.

Get involvedEdit


  • Community organizer Can help in getting contacts and organising people .
  • Volunteer Ready to volunteer .
  • Advisor Help to improve the idea

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