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Wikideas Wikimedia ProjectEdit

Wikideas - Wikimedia project for futuristic, conceptual, innovative ideas.


What is the problem you're trying to solve?Edit

Wikipedia rejecting people's boarder line edits and shunning the community of their honest quality work in order to save the Wikipedia "brand" <-(trust).

What is your solution?Edit

Creating a new Wikimedia project to share forward looking innovative and creative ideas. It would create a place for boarder line damaging/conceptual edits to Wikipedia and retain contributors. Wikideas could hyperlink to Wikipedia pages but Wikipedia wouldn't hyperlink to Wikideas.


Create an open source repository of ideas that aren't generally accepted, documented, and/or originally researched yet.

It will be the opposite of Wikipedia where factual, historical, and well referenced information will not be accepted. Only forward looking, innovative, and conceptual ideas are accepted on any subject.

Artists, designers, and innovative contributors would flock to this platform. The world needs it, this would be the best place to contribute ideas - Wikideas.

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