Introducing the WikiWish: Wikimedia editors contribute to celebrate people's life-turning moments
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created on16:33, 16 August 2016 (UTC)

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The majority of the Greek population has been suffering from six years (and counting) of harsh austerity measures under the pretext of the country's public debt. Over 25% of the population is jobless; those who hold jobs are hesitant to take ordinary steps the "western world" takes for granted - such as getting married and having children, taking a vacation, advancing their studies - for fear they will not be able to cope with the financial obligations. Young people in particular feel desolate, lonely and lack self-esteem and a sense of purpose.

What is your solution? edit

WikiWish is my proposal for a program that would intertwine hands-on support in local communities with added value from the Wikimedia projects. As an example: a couple wishing to get married will receive a "goodwill package" with bed linens, home items etc. from the local "goodwill bank". The "material" donation is accompanied by a "goodwill contribution" to Wikipedia by an experienced Wikimedia volunteer: it could be an article on the church the wedding will take place in (if notable) or a photo of the church to Commons, or the couple's favorite quote to Wikiquote. The edit summary will serve as the commemoration of the event.

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