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Video Chat makes harrassment harder.
We very often don't know who we're dealing with in harassment cases - and it's well known that harassment collapses when involved in face-to-face discussions. So let's find ways to make aggrieved people talk to each other via an anonymized skype-like interface. This also avoids sock-puppeteering because - while you can fake your email, switch IP's and wipe cookies - you can't so easily disguise your face in live video-chat.
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created on21:01, 27 June 2016 (UTC)

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What is the problem you're trying to solve?Edit

Anonymity is a difficult problem. It enables evil-doers while protecting those that need it. It's almost impossible to tell whether someone is truly evil, a misdirected joker or who is simply being misunderstood.

What is your solution?Edit

On the rare occasions I've actually met people who dualled viciously with me in walls of text - the anger deflates almost instantly. Can we use this effect to our benefit in some stages of dispute resolution? I think so.


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I've been editing Wikipedia for over a decade - I've twice been a featured article editor, I've fought hard to de-escalate many battles over ridiculous issues (with mixed success), I've been the victim of stalkers and all manner of other evil-doers. I'm often in the top 2000 most active wikipedians of all time. I am not (and do not wish to be) an Admin.



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