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The Hatpin and Pearls Club
Women editors of a civilized persuasion, who are distressed when encountering crude remarks, vulgar language, and unseemly propositions online, may wish to join Wikipedia's new "Hatpin and Pearls Club." Whenever a member comes across something that would make a civilized woman "clutch at her pearls," she is urged to avail herself of our virtual "Hatpin," and pin the offending remark or image to our "Board of Common Mashers."
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created on01:09, 30 June 2016 (UTC)

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Editors whose remarks are pinned to the "Board of Common Mashers" will be awarded their own "Masher," to be prominently displayed on their talk page, to commemorate their lack of taste.

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Once a "Commons Potato Masher" has been awarded, all future communications with the person receiving the commons masher must be handled through a civilized third party intermediary, preferably an administrator, of the lady's choice.

Members of the "Hatpin and Pearls Club" may display the image of their choice of a string of pearls on their user page, as a sign of the calibre and nature of communications in which they are willing to engage.

Aggrieved members of the "Hatpin and Pearls Club," on whose behalf a "Commons Potato Masher" has been awarded, may wish to display a hatpin on their user page as a sign that they are under administrator protection.


process and norm of admin watching, and intervening against uncivil interactions.

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