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Seeking Lost Women Educators
Crowd-sourcing event in the style of #artandfeminism, working with social purpose educators in real and virtual environments to develop new Wikipedia entries for pioneering women educators.
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created on18:50, 8 March 2015 (UTC)

Project idea edit

What is the problem you're trying to solve? edit

In the UK, teacher education theory remains stubbornly focused around the sometimes outdated writings of dead while male psychologists, whilst women educators, often working alongside those men, are largely ignored. Not only is this unjust, but trainee educators are turned off by 'theory' which doesn't relate to the context of their practice. The project aims to bring diverse voices into this influential canon.

What is your solution? edit

In the style of the #IWD2015 #artandfeminism campaign, we would like to run crowd-sourcing workshops at The Northern College for Adults, Barnsley, where social purpose educators will learn how to create and edit Wikipedia entries.

We would also like to develop an online programme of learning (across freely available social media) which extends this 'real' session into the virtual space with the intention of it becoming a critical mass and continuing beyond our input.

Goals edit

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Participants edit

Endorsements edit

  • It's a great idea to seek out unsung women 21:53, 8 March 2015 (UTC)

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Project plan edit

Activities edit

1. Crowd-sourcing/learning how to use Wikipedia day at The Northern College for 20 delegates.

Outcome: 20 new/edited Wikipedia entries for women educators.

Budget edit

1. Room hire and lunch for 22 people £500 (pounds sterling) 2. Hire of two faciliators for one day £400 (pounds sterling) 3. Social Media recruitment via Facebook, Yammer and Twitter (£100).

Community engagement edit

We have an existing 'Community of Praxis' across freely available social media (Yammer, Facebook, Twitter, Google). These are social purpose educators who are studying or have graduated from the TeachNorthern teacher education programme at The Northern College. The online community also includes critical friends; other educators who are interested in our work.

The project will be planned and marketed via a Yammer planning group comprising volunteers from the community. The new Wikipedia entries will then become stimuli for ongoing discussions around the theory and practice of the 'lost' women educators.

Sustainability edit

The Community of Praxis will continue to grow the project, once the initial momentum has been seeded by the crowd-sourcing day.

Measures of success edit

1. 50% more TeachNorthern students cite women educators in their assignments next academic year (2015-16). 2. Hits to the 'Seeking Lost Women Educators' blog (created by us) are doubled within the three months following the event.

Project team edit


Kay and I have been working together on the TeachNorthern programme for two years now and we have developed a Community of Praxis which is becoming increasingly recognised in further education in the UK as providing democratic spaces for teachers to (re)connect with pedagogy and strengthen their own social purpose education practice, in an increasingly 'sausage factory' world.

This project will bring both further 'open culture' and diversity to teacher education in the UK.

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