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Reveal the Unrevealed Harassment
There is a need to reveal the unrevealed harassment as few of us speak out our suffering perpetrated to us by others.
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created on13:19, 3 June 2016 (UTC)

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To unwrap the harassment and its causes even if it is not disclosed.

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Interaction on a public site and web place for disclosing harassment anonymously.

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I have been an editor and academic writer for 10 years in local publishing house.

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  • I have recently participated in articles in new areas of work for me in history and politics after being notified by Legobot of RFCs. Even understanding that these were likely to be contentious, in two articles in particular, certain editors were harassing all who disagreed with them, insulting other editors in unfounded comments, attributing biased and ill intentions to them, and always suggesting that others were wrong. It was classic poor behavior, and in one instance was directed at a new editor.

The current reporting process is much too tedious - I should have been able to quickly point an administrator to the page and let them see what was happening, in order to block or correct the editor. Other editors and I tried to encourage civility and keeping to the subject of the articles on the Talk pages, but were unsuccessful. Parkwells (talk) 14:05, 3 June 2016 (UTC)

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Harassment is form of discrimination and instances of rude mannerism. It happens when the perpetrator of harassment is superior to the victim(s) either in power, money and physical strength or in all. Causing harassment to others is taken as a rule by some perpetrators. They even go to the extent of insulting someone, making derogatory remark at them or simply calling bad names without any cause or concern. They do so because they have the scope or power to do it and the victim is less powerful than them. Sometimes the perpetrators threaten or intimidate the targeted person with dire consequences if he/she disobeys them. Harassment in any form brings misery to the victims. Their lives become saga of unwanted tension and worries for sometimes. They find life boring and frustrating. The victims become rudderless ships in the ocean of life. They feel as they are unable to utter a word and to resist the wrongs and injustices done to them without their being at fault. Harassment at home, workplace, educational institutions, social institutions and at other places is no less severe and inhuman than a crime. Its unspoken suffering is understood by those who get closer to it. in other words we cannot understand the harassment of others unless we delve into them or pursue. Many who fall victim to some kinds of harassment neither express their agony in black and white nor do they speak our the problems. It gives wide berth to the perpetrators to continue their heinous activities of harassing others in more adamant manner. When someone speaks out the grievance or put it in writing the standing rules may help him out of the intricacies. If an employee is being tortured mentally by his/her colleague(s), he may go for the redressal with the help of the house policy. If a boy is harassed at school he may report it to the school authorities or to his parents who can end the agony of him. The instances of such are many. But, what about those who never speak out their agony and hardship which they suffer daily/ A simple and sober husband gets rebuffs from her belligerent wife at the drop of a pin. He never goes to tell others about it as he fears that his dignity will be at stake. A boy being called names by his friends seldom reveals his mental agony to his parents as he fears that his masculine quality will be questioned. An employee who needs the job most cannot reveal to others the harassment he/she is suffering at his/her office or workplace. She is afraid of losing her job. Such instances of unrevealed harassment at various places are found aplenty. The Solution The victims of unrevealed harassment suffer a great deal and even lose their mental balance or kill themselves. What we need to do is to make a pool of such people and deal with them personally and confidentially. We need to invite people on any public website and ask them different questions regarding their liking or disliking, their attitude towards their parents, teachers, friends and community and causes thereof. There are a large number of people in the world who have learnt to put up with some kind of harassment at home or office or at public places. They torture themselves and make their lives an easy target. They never speak out or put their grievance on pen and paper even if life becomes too hard for them to live. Such things cannot be perceived or we cannot understand how someone who is being harassed rudely feels stings of life every moment. There should be some mechanism in place to find among us the victims of unrevealed harassment and lessen their pain and anguish by extending them a helping hand. Many victims seldom complain about the harassment meted out to them for fear of punishment, repudiation, slander by others. When they find a suitable place like a free website or a reliable institutional arrangement to put forth their grievances anonymously, they will come out of their shell and express themselves.