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Mujeres "no hacemos cosas de hombres"
Crear una página de Wikipedia con entrevistas a mujeres que supuestamente "hacen cosas de hombres" Translation: To create a Wikipedia page with women who supposedly "do men's things"
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created on20:41, 13 March 2015 (UTC)

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El objetivo es quitar la tonta idea de que las mujeres somos incapaces de hacer las tan llamadas "cosas de hombres". Que nos vean mal o que nos paguen menos por ser mujeres. Aunque ya estamos en el 2015 esto sigue pasando.

Translation: The objective is to get rid of the foolish idea that women are incapable of doing so-called "men's things". They look down on us and pay us less for being women. Though we're in the year 2015 this is still happening.

What is your solution? edit

Demostrar con relatos, fotos, etc. de mujeres que somos capaces de hacer todo.

Translation: To demonstrate with stories, photos, etc. of women that we are capable of doing everything.

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