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Monitor Words and Phrases Used
Wikipedia should have keywords and phrases tagged for further inspection. Initially the post would stay up, but if it is flagged it will then be reviewed by, lets say, 15 people and voted on if it was harassment or not. I would first only have these posts flagged, because at first someone who just has that word choice should not be punished in any way that the actual harasser would be.
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created on21:04, 27 June 2016 (UTC)

Project ideaEdit

What is the problem you're trying to solve?Edit

I am definitely trying to help any movements I can gain more traction for themselves. It would be awesome for me to see groups gain more traction on the web and especially on Wikipedia when it comes to editing aspects of their culture and overall life.

What is your solution?Edit

I believe that if people get flagged for saying extremely uncalled for things they will think about what they post and how they treat their fellow wikipedians. Also, if this is a forum for free knowledge I think we need to be spreading that idea more and welcoming all the people who live extremely different lives from our own to gain a deeper insight into how the world works on a small and large scale.


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I am still very new to having a profile here and I'm just poking around seeing everything this website has to offer users.



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