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Lawyer up and pay money out to whistle blowers
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created on14:59, Saturday, June 25, 2016 (UTC)

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<To stop online harassment>

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<Online Harassment, that cause distress, is usually local and therefore the victim knows the aggressor. To stop harassment the victim should be able to sue the aggressor and get money for it. This could be done easily, via an internet connected to a lawyer, who could review the case and give a yes no opinion. The lawyer could be supported by the internet provider.All the information could be provided, by the internet provider, for review. If the lawyer agrees to the case, the lawyer could processed for the client to sue the aggressor and make money for the lawyer and the client. Also a mutually agreed online binding arbitrator could be selected for resolution. Monies could be paid, by the aggressor or their responsible party, to the lawyer , arbitrator, whistle-blower and victim. I believe, just a few of these cases(advertised by internet provider) will stop harassment in USA and perhaps other lawyer based countries.

Stopping harassment is in the interest of the internet provider. If cleaned up the internet provider can promote a better family based service.>

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