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Just Say No to Barbarians and Machismo!
As we Wikipedians, with our enthusiasm and zeal for free speech, are busily liberating much of the world's free content now hidden by overly restrictive paywalls or institutions, we must also be mindful of the civilizing mission of the encyclopedia, and take care that our editors do not fall prey to the dark side, turning into lawless, macho barbarians storming the gates.
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created on01:45, 30 June 2016 (UTC)

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Barbarian behavior

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Wikipedians hold in much esteem those who maintain a stalwart and persistent attitude towards creation of the encyclopedia, and valiantly strive for repatriation of the world's cultural treasures held captive by the Empire's regime of digital colonialism.

The following "Barbarian Warrior" award may be given to any hero of free knowledge who has been polite, honorable, and gracious towards friend and foe alike, maintaining speech and conduct which are exemplary at all times.

When contemplating the "Barbarian Warrior" as our exemplar, it is important to remember that it is not to be awarded to barbarians who have set a poor example regarding politeness to others, or in their conduct towards women, as they storm the gates of knowledge. Dishonorable or unpleasantly macho barbarians may be surprised to find that they are suddenly subject to the laws of the Empire, and must not expect their fellow editors to shield them from lawful consequences which the Empire imposes.


encourage civil behavior, by awarding civility barnstar

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