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O Kampaniach Inspire

Kampanie Inspire to trwające miesiąc wydarzenia mające na celu skoncentrowanie zbiorowej współpracy nad niektórymi z najbardziej priorytetowych wyzwań stojących przed ruchem Wikimedia. To czas na dzielenie się i tworzenie nowych pomysłów.

Po kampani, są dostępne granty , by zmienić te pomysły we wspólne działanie. Dla projektów, które nie wymagają finansowania, jest dostępna pomoc w planowaniu i wsparcie logistyczne.

Co jest tematem bieżącej kampanii?

In this campaign, we invite your ideas on how to measure the health of your editing community.

Healthy projects promote high quality content creation, respectful collaboration, efficient workflows, and effective conflict resolution. Patterns of experiences that result in editor frustration, poor editor retention, broken workflows, and unresolved conflicts can be seen as unhealthy.

As a movement, Wikimedians have always measured aspects of their communities. Data points such as editor activity levels, new users, and editor retention are regularly collected. While these metrics provide some useful indications about the health of a project, they do not give major insights into challenges and specific areas needing improvement.

We need to collect data that evaluate projects holistically, like overall editing stats, but we also need to measure the smaller, specific circumstances and processes that editors encounter in their work.

If you have ideas on how to measure community health, please share them during the current campaign!

Questions about this campaign or Inspire Campaigns generally? Please review the FAQ page .

Nowy pomysły

The current Inspire Campaign is closed. You are welcome to continue providing feedback, revising ideas, and moving any ideas that need funding into grant applications. Be sure to review guidance to develop your idea further.


The Inspire Campaign on Measuring Community Health had several successful outcomes, including:

  • Strong participation in a more technical and research-oriented campaign (over 100 submitted ideas, and more than 240 participants who endorsed, commented on, or proposed ideas)
  • Contributors from over 35 different countries – including some emerging communities – had ideas to measure community health represented in this campaign.
  • Direct support of participants through proposal-specific guidance and support on idea talk pages by Community Resources and Trust & Safety teams.
  • Broader support offered to all Inspire Campaign and IdeaLab participants through the development and sharing of guidance on how to develop ideas into concrete plan for implementation.

Some progress so far on ideas from this campaign includes:

For information on previous campaigns, please see the campaign archive.

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