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Here, you can sort by already submitted ideas, which may need support from Wikimedians like you. If you're skilled in social media campaigns, for example, you can browse ideas in this category for ideas that need volunteers to help with social media.

Likewise, if you have created your own idea, add one of the categories below to your idea page, so that other users will be able to easily find your idea and lend their support.

Ideas by category

Ideas involving events and training

See: Category:IdeaLab/Ideas/Events_and_training

Ideas involving the gender gap

See: Category:IdeaLab/Ideas/Gender_gap

Offline outreach and partnerships

See: Category:IdeaLab/Ideas/Offline_outreach_and_partnerships

Online community organizing

See: Category:IdeaLab/Ideas/Online_community_organizing

Research Ideas

See: Category:IdeaLab/Ideas/Research

Tools and technology

See: Category:IdeaLab/Ideas/Tools_and_technology

All ideas