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For Every Man a Woman
For a men who you talk about each a women with a similar story or background
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created on17:24, 13 March 2015 (UTC)

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Always in history speaks of heroes think it is time that the role of women in every facet of history reconnoiter. I imagine that during the Peru independence a woman besides Micaela Bastidas must have been present and not as companion if not actively. Meybe the wife of some leader or whatever. At the contrary to the heroes do not think they were just men. In short we have left for centuries relegated in women story time to dig and find those merits approach them. Maybe also there disambiguation in significances also has a sign that says this woman genus tube to do with all those who made this man, a “desmentation”.

What is your solution? edit

If we can find women who achieved the same success that men can make women to be recognized as equal in history. If we have such cases will give recognition to women. If we do not find these cases we realize that somehow we have been being unfair to them by lot.

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