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Discrimination Abolishment
Changing the user post name as MAN, WOMAN, AFFECTED, WITNESS and like titles.
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created on14:31, 17 June 2016 (UTC)

Project ideaEdit

What is the problem you're trying to solve?Edit

Problems are many but solution for all such problems is one. How we can make every person alive to love each other unbiased from other persons nationality, colour, caste, creed and any other known instrument of discrimination as hatred leads to harassment. We will focus on measures to minimise hatred, discrimination and eventually harassment.

What is your solution?Edit

We like something that's why we hate something. Some like mountains but hate beaches, some like indoor activities but hate outdoor activity and so on. Admiration for a non-living or intangible things is acceptable. But unfortunately same happens to a living body which is capable of expressing its feeling. Hatred gives rise to discrimination.

"Discrimination can only end when one stops to see the difference". Discrimination occurs due to individuality. We need to sacrifice our own individuality to come up with the same footing as the aggrieved person who has felt offence due to someone's views in a post uploaded on internet. By sacrificing our name and location, viewer will not feel any difference with the author who is just presenting his views based upon his/her thought process not because of any other conditions. So Are we ready to sacrifice our own individuality for the sake of humanity? And it is unnecessary to mention that discrimination give birth to harassment.

Solution: To Comments, upload or any other online submission could be made under title of PERSON, AFFECTED, WITNESS and like titles which will abolish discrimination and eventually hatred and harassment for being of different location, sex, caste, creed, colour ad any other known differences which will affect discrimination.This will not allow any view of the author and thus focus only on the view one present in his/her post. All the content of upload and its criticism will carry the face of the humanity and will bring the self-consciousness.


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