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Creation And Distribution of Wikipedia Tutorials/Walkthroughs
Wikipedia has a very steep learning curve for anybody this solution aims to reduce it (especially for women).
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created on10:41, 8 March 2015 (UTC)

Project ideaEdit

What is the problem you're trying to solve?Edit

Wikipedia is still a website where learning curve is steep.A new user needs to find how-to guide and takes a lot of while to learn about the process.Further faces more issues due to the moderation and admin policies with which they are unfamiliar.It is more problematic for a woman because of lack of diversity.

What is your solution?Edit

There are number of ways to reduce the learning curve keeping women in focus:

  1. Creation of a Youtube Video on how to edit your first Wikipedia Article.
  2. A series of Videos which deal with preferences of user, essential things regarding moderation policies.
  3. An interview (Video/Podcast/Print/Online) be conducted of active women wikipedians about the culture and other aspects
  4. A hands-on article creating and editing activity on the Wikipedia Platform itself which serves as a walkthrough for new users.
  5. A Basic Wikipedia Training Course on Codecademy/Other similar websites be made available which is very popular site for learning to code.
  6. An online course (on a WikiMedia or platforms such as Udemy) dealing with just Wikipedia And Women be taught with help from a university for anybody whether men or women.Also this course be made self-paced for anybody to learn anytime.
  7. All the official videos and interviews or good articles published be put on Khan Academy (if possible) for growing children and teen to learn before they face the problems or hassles when they grow up and contribute to Wikipedia.
  8. WikiMedia Conferences and meetups be organized to spread the initiative on a global scale at grassroots level.

Note: There are many things proposed which require permissions as well as community contributions.This project needs sincere support.

Content DevelopmentEdit

Content development will take place using discussion tools provided on Wikimedia(or other site's) platform.After an agreement on what will consist of content the videos will be produced using preferably open source software.

Contribution And Distribution FormatEdit

As per the eligibility guidelines any code or other materials (e.g., training material, program checklists, pamphlets, etc.) will be published and released as free and open-source. Licensing of materials will be compatible with current Wikimedia and MediaWiki practices.


The objective is divided into phases where in:

  • Phase-1 will be to create Videos with official permission from WikiMedia Foundation and put them on YouTube.
  • Phase-2 will consist of developing Walkthroughs and Basic Training Course on Codecademy.This will be built with a survey consisting of females and new wikipedia users who join after a particular date.
  • Phase-3 will consist of spreading it among the community with help of online news and social media.
  • Phase-4 for an analysis to be conducted to see whether female and new wikipedians are feeling comfortable to contribute on Wikipedia.

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