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Creat animated Moral stories or Tales that attract Kids
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Animated moral stories and tales attract kids attention and help them learning. The reason behind the idea is to educate children and put them in correct and truthful world. When we teach good thing at early age that shows a great impact on life. Everything can not be taught in schools or through academic syllabus. Enlightening their vision through animated stories and tales may help them in building their career and relation.
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created on19:02, 23 December 2016 (UTC)

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I would like to do social service which helps in educating KIDS and their growth. I believe that Children are the future of the world and if we train them in correct way they will make the world better place

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I am a QA Engineer and I do not have programming skills. I need help in creating Animated stories and tales on Wikimedia pages and be helpful.


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I am HimaBindu, worked as QA engineer in Dell R&D in India and have 6 years of experience. I am also into Indian Carnatic Vocal and completed the certification .Prior to Dell ,I worked for AMD R&D and Ingersoll Rand R&D in India. Right now I am on H4 Visa and would like to contribute my thoughts to Wikimedia.



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