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حظر المتحرش اتوماتيك
نضيف الي مطوري الموقع بعض الكلمات المتداوله في المجتمع الذي تتبعه حسب البلد او المدينه مثلا القاهره ليست كا اوروبا كل بلد لها قاموس خاص بها من كلمات نضع الكلمات المتداوله في المجتمع وعلي اوساط الاعلام المجتمعي( سوشيال ميديا)نضعها في قاموس الموقع اذا حاول اي شخص كتابت كلمه بذيئه تحظر تلقائيا والكلمات معروفه مسبقا يعني هما حوالي عشره او عشرين كلمه فقط تدور حول هذا الموضوع فاليفعل المطورين هذه الخاصيه بوضع هذهائيا لاننا لا نستطيع تكميم الافواه ارجو ان تكون فهمتم ما اقصد بالضبط واذا في اي توضيح رد عليا برساله مع الشكر بارك الله فيكم ولكم
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الروح الملهمه
this project needs...
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created on02:14, 9 June 2016 (UTC)

Project ideaEdit

What is the problem you're trying to solve?Edit

to developer to block some words auto put it at the site any one write bad words make it block

What is your solution?Edit


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block for bad words not for user

  • I think they do this already. But sometimes there is a good reason to type these words, for example, a medical article. —Neotarf (talk) 01:25, 11 June 2016 (UTC)

English summary from google translateEdit

(They are proposed an edit filter with selected group of words. —N)

"Automatic ban harasser
Add to the developers of the site some frequently asked words in the community followed by country or city, for example, Cairo is not Ka Europe, each country has its own dictionary of words put traded words in the community and among the community media (Socialtext Media) put it in the dictionary site if anyone tried Ktapt expletive prohibit automatically and words are known in advance means are approximately ten or twenty word only, revolve around this topic Valeval developers this feature set Hzhaiaa because we can not gagged I hope that you understood what I mean exactly, and if at any clarification higher response communication together with thanking God bless you ...