Timeline for Wikitherapy Edit

Timeline Date
Launch of Wikitherapy at Argostoli Day Center 23 December 2015
Wikitherapy Facebook and Twitter page created 01 February 2016
Presentation in public event 10 February 2016
100 cumulative edits over 4 projects (Wiktionary - Wikiquote - Commons - Wikipedia) 7 March 2016
Midpoint report 25 April 2016
Presentation of Wikitherapy accomplishments at event co-organized with schools and themed around local heritage 9 June 2016
Final report End July 2016
Introduce/discuss Wikitherapy concept at WikiProject Med meeting in Italy (Wikimania 2016) 23 June 2016

Monthly updates Edit

Please prepare a brief project update each month, in a format of your choice, to share progress and learnings with the community along the way. Submit the link below as you complete each update.

January Edit

Wikitherapy Facebook page established:

note February 29: we post an average of three times weekly and our outreach is growing week by week (constant rise in views-likes-shares-engagement)

February Edit

  • Local presentation at the local municipal theater on Feb. 10 2016, in the context of an event held by the Argostoli Day Center. Number of mentions in local news portals, the most important of which is this (in Greek, sorry no translation available).
  • Wikitherapy mention on national news portal in the context of an article about the Wikipedia School in Athens.
  • Two learning patterns started: How to deal with edit wars and how to nurture happy editors

March Edit

  • started group project on Greek Wikipedia: article with historical and social impact
  • visited local library and archives, discussing GLAM partnership

April Edit

see midpoint report

May Edit

Joint project on Wiktionary with Argostoli Evening School featured in June 2016 Education newsletter.

June Edit

  • Wikitherapy video produced and uploaded to YouTube (under CC license)
  • Wikitherapy presented at Wikiproject Med meeting at Villa Monastero, Varenna, Italy (Wikimania 2016)