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Hi! I'm Ocassi, an English Wikipedia editor and administrator. I have been involved with Wikimedia projects seriously since about 2008, and I have about 25,000 edits, mostly to English Wikipedia . With a background in political theory, I have a history of article creation and mediation involving current events, and also medicine. A major focus of mine has been working with new editors, creating help guides, helping out at OTRS, and creating/overseeing partnerships with organizations. I was an active channel operator in Wikipedia-en-help (IRC) for many months, worked extensively at Articles for Creation, and have been a host at the Teahouse. As part of that work I expanded and rewrote The simplified ruleset into the Plain and Simple guide, and developed The plain and simple conflict of interest guide. Those guides synthesize to most effective tools and tips into single page introductions for new editors and form the basis of the knowledge corpus on which The Wikipedia Adventure draws.

In 2011 I designed and drafted The Wikipedia Adventure as a way to help new editors have a more positive first 6 months or 100 edits. The game takes its inspiration from years of helping folks with their common frustrations; I have combined this experience with research into the notion that game dynamics can be useful tools for engaging instruction and building a sense of shared purpose and mission. Ocaasi (talk) 19:26, 29 March 2013 (UTC)