Grants:IEG/Semi-automatically generate Categories for Vietnamese Wikipedia/Data

List of resources related to project:

  • List of uncreated categories (468 categories): this list is the result of translation tool. We do not create these categories in Vietnamese Wikipedia and link to Wikidata.
  • Sample 2000 Vietnamese categories: this list contains 2000 Vietnamese categories which have interlinks with English content at Wikidata. In total, in temp database, we have more than 47000 similar categories.
  • Sample of triples: These triples are from the category restructured process. We have in total over 35000 triples in full list.
Claudius---Thể loại:10 TCN---Thể loại:Năm 10 TCN --> Article vi:Claudius will change old category vi:Thể loại:10 TCN (Category:10 BC) by new category vi:Thể loại:Năm 10 TCN based on a new category standard at viwiki which approved the categories related to year must have prefix "năm" (year) for the explicit meaning.