You're about to start your Individual Engagement Grant proposal!

It's okay if you only have part of your idea ready to propose. Sharing your project idea early to get feedback is a good way to begin, and your answers can be finished or revised later. You can continue developing your proposal until the scheduled deadline.

Step 1: Probox

This first part will create an infobox with some basic details about your proposal.

1. Tell us who will be participating in your project. Please enter your team member's usernames in the following fields:

  • If someone will be participating as a grantee (yourself and anyone else who will be receiving the grant money, writing grant reports, etc), enter them after grantee1=. You can add grantee2= to add a co-grantee, etc.
  • If someone will be participating as a volunteer (community members interested in helping, but not receiving funds), enter them after volunteer1=
  • If someone will be participating in an advisory role, enter them after advisor1=

(If you only have grantees, that is ok, just leave the other fields blank.)

2. Don’t forget to enter a way for us to contact you after contact=

3. Please enter a short summary of your project after summary=

4. Please enter the languages and Wikimedia projects you plan to serve with your project after target=

5. Please choose 1 Wikimedia strategic goal that your project most directly aims to impact, and enter it after goal=. Choices of strategic goals:

  • Increasing Reach (more people access Wikimedia projects)
  • Improving Quality (better quality and quantity of content on Wikimedia projects)
  • Increasing Participation (larger and more diverse groups of people are contributing to Wikimedia projects)

Step 2: Project Idea

Please share the overall idea of your project in the Project idea section. Think of your project as an experiment - explain the problem you see and the solution you're aiming to test.

Step 3: Project Goals

Please share what you are trying to accomplish in the Project goals section

Step 4: Project Plan

Tell us about your project plan: the activities, budget and measurement of your project in the provided sections.

Step 5: Get involved

1. In the Participants section, tell us about yourself and any other people who will be working on this project. We like to understand who you are and what you contribute to the project.

2. The Community notification section is where you'll paste links to places you've notified your target community, and to any other relevant discussions on the project.

  • Remember, you are responsible for notifying relevant communities of your proposal!
  • We recommend engaging your target Wikimedia community early and often. You'll want to give enough time for community input because we prefer to fund projects with good community engagement.
  • If you don't have links to community discussion yet, that's ok, just save the page as-is, then go notify by starting your discussion somewhere that your target community is likely to see it, and come back to your proposal to add the link to your notification as soon as you can.

Step 6: Save and submit

Press save. Congratulations, you have finished creating all sections of your proposal. Feel free to continue improving until the submission deadline!

Once you feel your draft is complete and ready for review, update the status to PROPOSED (status=PROPOSED in the markup).


  • Although English is our preferred language for proposals, you are welcome to submit your proposal in your native language. We can work with you to have it translated for reviewers.
  • Words between "<!--" and "-->" in the edit window will not show up on your saved proposal.