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Rainer Rillke edit

Rillke, as a community administrator at Wikimedia Commons, mainly caring about technical aspects, has gathered lot of experience in JavaScript coding over the last 2 years that lead to the development of several tools for both, less experienced ([1]) and more experienced ([2], [3]) users including upload implementations. Rillke furthermore contributed several small fixes to, for example Upload Wizard.

Ungoliant MMDCCLXIV edit

Ungoliant MMDCCLXIV. English Wiktionary member since January 2011 and administrator since August 2012. Made over 30000 contributions in that project. Has some experience with programming but little with JavaScript.

Infovarius edit

Infovarius. Russian Wiktionary member and administrator. Made over 40000 personal and 400000 automated edits in that particular project. Runs self-programmed bot for arbitrary tasks. Also planning to provide compatibility with Wikidata.