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Portals - doorways to engagement
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To research Portals, and develop better tools for creating and maintaining them.
created on: 18:16, 13 February 2013‎

Project idea edit

Wikipedia's Portal namespace is largely overlooked by many of the site's editors and readers. At their best, portals provide an excellent opportunity to highlight Wikipedia's best coverage of a topic, and perhaps to entice readers with an interest in the topic into editing. At their worst, portals languish unfinished or unmaintained, due to their current small audience and the relatively complex wiki code needed for their construction.

This project aims to rejuvenate portals: making them easier to create and maintain, more attractive, more helpful in converting readers to editors, and more prominent as Wikipedia features.

Project goals edit

  • Research existing portals on the English and other language Wikipedias.
    • Identify important and innovative features, particularly those which would help convert readers to editors.
  • Create a "portal construction set" making it easier to create and maintain portals.
    • Pre-built modules such as "selected article", "selected picture", "how to help"
    • Improve the existing portal templates
    • JavaScript helper wizard to put them all together
    • Better help and advice for editors and WikiProjects
  • Increase the visibility of portals both inside and outside Wikipedia.
    • Attract more editors to maintaining portals
    • Advertise the concept of Wikipedia portals more widely (social media, white-hat SEO)

Get involved edit

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