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Leadership Early Bird Session edit

Leadership Orientation Session - Presentation deck WMCon Learning Days 2016

Session Abstract: Leadership is not about something beyond us, it is not about a single person leading the changing of the world, but many people, leading through everyday acts to improve the status quo all around them. The status of free and open knowledge in the cause of our movement and leadership surfaces in activities and projects carried out by our many affiliates, contributors, partners, and other volunteers throughout the world.

Join us early on the first day of the learning pre-conference to explore a our teams's strategies for supporting community leaders and engage in a discussion about what leadership is in our movement and how we might better recognize and support community leaders in their development.

Participants will:

  • Understand big picture of where we are headed with program capacity and learning supports for community leadership development.
  • Learn what resources our team currently offers to support leadership development in their home communities
  • Explore how to identify what leadership and what community leadership development could look like for our movement
  • Influence our teams next steps:
  • Input to our thinking about leadership development needs
  • Determine priorities for future sessions at conferences
  • Collect participant needs for facilitating future leadership development

Session Format:

  • Type of session room: Workshop room - partial presentation and learning circle
  • Amount of time required: 45 minutes

Jaime Anstee (WMF)
Edward Galvez (WMF) Alex Stinson (WMF)

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Lightning Talks edit

Slides for Lightning talks at WMCON 2016

Session Abstract:

Session Format:

  • Type of session room:
  • Amount of time required:

MCruz (WMF)
Subhashish Panigrahi

Unconference Learning Circles for Creative Problem Solving edit

WMCON 2016 - Learning Day - Creative Design Workshop

Session Abstract: In what ways might we create and improve Wikimedia outreach programs using creative problem solving techniques?

Creative problem solving is a practice involving a basic process of breaking down a problem in order to understand it's parts, freely generating ideas to solve the problem, and evaluating those ideas to determine and design the most effective solutions. In these 30-minute orientation and unconference-style workshops you will identify problems and work with other program and community leaders to create and improve Wikimedia outreach programs using a creative problem solving process. Bring back to your community the best thinking of other program leaders for new and improved programs, as well as a process you can use to engage your community volunteers in creative program design.

Learning Objectives: For participants to learn a collaborative creative problem solving process and apply it to program design. During the session participants will:

  • Learn, practice and bring home a creative process for program design which fosters collaboration, innovation, and consensus.
  • Brainstorm and develop solutions with your fellow Wikimedia program leaders in tackling real challenges with outreach programs.
  • Bring it on: bring your top program challenge and get the best thinking of your fellow program leaders in a 2-minute solution room using “Brainwriting” journaled brainstorming which incorporates Wiki documentation.

After this session participants will:

  • Know a process for consensus-driven problem solving.
  • Understand three techniques for collaborative brainstorming and idea sharing.
  • Leave with a draft solution to a challenge in achieving an outreach goal.

Session Format:

  • Type of session room: Exchange Room
  • Amount of time required: 30 Minute orientation, 3 x 30-minute rotations (2.5 hours total time)

Jaime Anstee (WMF)
Edward Galvez (WMF)

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FailFest and Learning Pattern Hackathon - Berlin 2015

Session Abstract: This interactive 90 minute workshop demonstrates the importance of learning from failure and provides an opportunity for Wikimedia project leaders to learn from each other. Participants learn how fail fests are accelerating knowledge sharing and innovation through a safe and structured peer learning exchange. The workshop consist of outlining the power of failure stories to prompt innovation and the rich sharing of experiences by Wikimedia leaders, who tried something that didn’t work as they had planned and their reflection on what they would do differently. Be prepared to learn, laugh, lead and listen to the failures and lessons learned, so as a movement we can fail fast and grow faster through shared learning and problem solving.

Paired with pizza and salad dinner we are sure to have a relaxed atmosphere for learning together!

Learning Goals:

  • Participants will find value in learning from failure.
  • Participants will learn, practice and gain comfort in sharing stories of failure.
  • Participants will learn how to easily share learning from success or failure via learning patterns.

Session Format:

  • Type of session room: Exchange Room - multiple small group tables
  • Amount of time required: 90 minutes


Jaime Anstee

Will reach out to potential peer facilitators:

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