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Learning and Evaluation

A collection of resources related to evaluation and design. Please help expand this list with your favorite source - in any language. Resources are in English unless otherwise stated. Wikipedia links are provided as available.



These organizations can support any type of organizational or program evaluation.


These organizations can support Wikipedia Education Program evaluation processes.



Journals and books related to evaluation and design.

A detailed guidebook with a great guide on how to determine which kinds of evaluation practices to use during and after your program.
An online handbook created for the National Science Foundation that provides a brief overview of program evaluation from creation to implementation.
  • Harry P. Hatry / United Way of America. Task Force on Impact: Measuring Program Outcomes: A Practical Approach, Alexandria, Va. 1996
  • Herman, Joan L. Program Evaluation Kit
  • An epic, 9 volume book about all things program evaluation. A big investment, with big pay off.
The ultimate guide on how to use empowerment evaluation.
This brief book can help you plan a program evaluation - from start to finish - for any organization or program.
An important evaluation guide, which covers many topics. Topics include how to identify evaluation users, how to make decisions about what methods to use, how to analyze data, and how to present your findings.

Mmmmm data....

A free online textbook that is all about the glory of statistics and how to use it.
The ultimate how to create, develop, execute and report a survey.
  • Focused around social research, a lot can be learned here in order to develop questions for surveys and what kind of data to collect.
→ The origin of storytelling
→ Story frames, with a focus on news-worthiness.
→ The uses of the story.
→ Case studies.
→ Differences between a report and a story
→ Question guides and exercises.
→ Developing a strategy
→ Collaboration mechanisms
→ Knowledge sharing and learning
→ Capturing and storing knowledge.

Blogs, websites, etc.

Appreciative inquiry

Tips and tricks about planning and evaluating conferences.

Coping with failure or negative evaluation results
Language testing

Testing your evaluations to make sure they are translatable across language is important!


Workshop kits