Conference & Event Grants

Eligibility Criteria If you have any questions about whether your group is eligible for a conference grant, please review the Funding FAQ's on the 'Events Team Portal', or contact a WMF program officer at conferencegrants(_AT_) before you begin the application process.

  1. Groups and organizations who are in compliance with grants and WMF agreements may apply. This means all outstanding grant reports for the grantee and fiscal sponsors must be complete prior to the proposal submission deadline.
  2. Groups who do not have a shared bank account or individuals applying on behalf of a group must provide confirmation of an eligible fiscal sponsor who can accept grant funds on their behalf.
  3. Individuals or groups who have never received a grant from the WMF over $5,000 USD should email conferencegrants(_AT_) to discuss any challenges that might prevent WMF from sending you funds. 
  4. Organizations who are funded through Annual Plan Grants are not eligible for Conference & Event Grants, however they may act as fiscal sponsors for groups who are eligible. APG funded chapters may request a Conference & Event Grant for movement-wide or region-wide event, such as GLAMWiki conference, Wikisource Conference, WikiIndaba, CEE Meeting, etc.
  5. Grantees must adhere to the Friendly space expectations and have some type of Friendly space policy for in-person events.
  6. All sections in the grant proposal must be completed by the submission deadline.
  7. If you are looking to host an in-person event, please make sure to review and follow the COVID-19 Risk Assessment protocol for in-person gathering.

Funding Criteria Proposals are reviewed according to the following criteria.

Evaluation criteria
Community engagement
  • Clear demonstration of community engagement in the planning process.
Impact potential
  • Is there a demonstrated need for the event?
  • Are goals and intended outcomes clearly articulated, high priority, and reasonably achievable?
  • Is there a plan for follow up after the event?
Ability to execute
  • Are there enough community members with the time and ability to plan and execute the event?

Additional guidelines for remote and local events during COVID 19